Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (1977) Revisited


Hollywood was starting to churn out Blockbusters year after year in the 70s. High budgeted star-centric films that were made to amass an audience and create some revenue. It wasn’t long until someone took the blockbuster to space and the man who would change it all was George Lucas.

new-hope-3To this day, A New Hope is used as a primary example of storytelling. It perfectly establishes a world and introduces audiences to a protagonist that goes on his hero’s journey. There’s a reason that so much pop culture parodies and pays tribute to this film and its because of how near perfect it is. You have the Princess in peril still holding her own against what will always be one of the greatest movie villains of all time in Darth Vader. That is also one thing the prequels do that take away from this movie and the two that come after: They soften Vader. Vader is cold, ruthless, robotic, and menacing. Not someone who cries about his girlfriend. A New Hope also gave us what I consider the best movie character of all time, Han Solo.


You know you’re an incredible character when you’re used as a description today for other characters. The Han-Solo-Type character has become a household name in Hollywood blockbusters. Everyone wants to be the outlaw with the cool ship and blaster at his side. He’s Rooster Cogburn; he’s Josey Wales. Han Solo dishes it out and doesn’t care who he pisses off along the way. He even says in the movie at one point that he’s in this for the money. Yes, his character develops over time, but his “I only care about me and Chewie” mentality makes him so lovable. And he shot first.

A New Hope just does everything the right way. When it wants you to be excited, you are. When it wants you to be sad, you are. John Williams contributed to this a great deal with his score; and Lucas’ use of practical effects to tell his story make it a masterpiece. It really is a shame that so many digital incarnations of this exist.

There honestly isn’t much to say about A New Hope, the original Star Wars. It’s awesome because it’s Star Wars! This is the one that started it all. “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” Stormtroopers and The Force. Countless quotes. Everything in it just so heart warming and takes you into a world unlike any other.


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