This is the End




I’ve been a college grad living with his parents for four months now. I’ve been writing for this blog for almost four years now. After a long thought and a walk on the beach (not actually, just to paint you a picture) I thought about my future and the future of We’re Not Sorry. I always knew my time with this blog would be limited and when the time to move on came knocking on my door, I’d know. That day came a few days ago and now I’m fighting to find the right words to end it.

Then I remembered my name is Reed Evan Peraner and a hot taker such as myself doesn’t just END things. He doesn’t just say, “I’m done here,” and hang up his cape and cowl (symbolically) and wash his hands of WNS like it never happened. No, in true Reed Evan Peraner fashion, I’m going to draw this out to four heart felt, tear jerking, awe inspiring, and completely unnecessary “goodbye” posts to honor the era in my life where I was never sorry. Never sorry for the things I said or the people I annoyed with my (un)biased opinions and out-of-nowhere assumptions about movies, shows, albums, people, world views, or even myself.

I don’t have a set schedule of when these four posts will be released or what story they’ll tell. All you need to know right now, the lovers and the haters who have been with me since the beginning, is that the end is coming and the clock is about to strike midnight on my Cinderella Story here. So sit tight (or on the edge of your seat like I know all of you are) and prepare for what is sure to be an epic conclusion to my WNS legend.



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