The End.


Helps if you listen to this while you’re reading:

To the Past: In May 2013, I came home after my Freshman year of college as confident as anyone could be. 3.5 GPA, more new friends than I could keep track of, and not a worry in the world. Then my friend Drew came up to me and told me (jokingly) he started a blog. I didn’t know until literally that moment that the one thing I was missing in my life was having a blog. Someone as opinionated and polarizing such as myself needed a blog as an outlet to get my voice out there and my presence known. So when I practically invited myself to be his partner on this journey, we spent about three hours thinking of a name and landed on We’re Not Sorry; Arguably the most mediocre name for a blog in the history of modern blogging. But the name stuck, I can’t lie. And that name was followed by a blazing glory of rants, reviews, and everything in between. WNS took off far more than I could have ever dreamed. I thought it’d be like most things I obsess over and be done with it in a matter of months; but there was something about WNS that kept me coming back. Probably the fact that I’m an egomaniac and love to hear myself talk – so why not love to read what I write? While it was fun, there were ups and downs with WNS as well. For everyone who loved my content, there were surely those who weren’t a fan.

To the Haters: Starting a blog was definitely one of the most ambitious decisions I’ve had in my lifetime. Blogs have a knack for attracting “haters”. I had my fair share of jokes made at my expense from my friends. Some of the highlights include me being asked probably every day, “Are you NOT sorry, Reed?” More often than not I’d hear a family member say, “What did We’re Not Sorry give this movie,” or, “When’s We’re Not Sorry’s holiday party?” I’ll never forget when one friend of mine tweeted, “I’m so happy WNS got a twitter so I can constantly be updated when they post jack shit.” I can say from firsthand experience, you have to have thick skin when you’re posting just about anything on the internet. It’s a swimming pool of contradictions and disagreements that could put any sewing circle to shame. If you can’t take the criticism of somebody who didn’t have the guts to put their own feelings about something on the line and put their beliefs out there for all to see, then simply do the only logical thing and ignore them. Because they don’t matter, flat out.

To the Lovers: For every time someone made a WNS joke to get a rise out of me or flat out told me blogs were dumb and so was I for writing one, the compliments that came few and far between went a long way for me. Having old friends I hadn’t seen in years approach me to tell me they follow my blog and go by all of my reviews. Having people like my aunt and my brother helping me improve myself as a writer for the betterment of WNS. Even when my mom told me when she read her first WNS post… two years WNS’s tenure. To the people providing me with constructive criticism and seeing past my words and knowing full well what my intent was, thank you. You know who you are. It was those people who weren’t afraid to contradict me or some instances correct me that not only educated me on world views and current events; but also enlightened me in ways I would never have thought some blog about movies and music would have.

To Drew: If it weren’t for you jokingly telling me you started a blog, I don’t know if I’d be where I am today. As in I don’t know what I’d have on my resume in place of this. You putting your foot forward is what started this whole train and I just kept the engine running. Words cannot express how humbled I am that I could be involved in this journey with you. From white board sit downs in my basement to blog days where we’d plug in Zuckerberg style and go at it for four hours non-stop. Thank you for believing in me and giving me this opportunity. Also get out of Hoboken, you’re better than Hoboken.

To Me: I can’t help but look at WNS and see it as a reflection of my college career. It started at the beginning and it is ending at the end. Seems poetic if you’re into that sort of thing. You don’t literally see it, but each review or rant was a subtle reflection of who I was at the time and in between the lines you could read about a kid who was angry because of that one night, or on top of the world from that incredible day. Through all of the yes’s, no’s, smiles, heartbreaks, laughs, cheers, and jeers, there was WNS – always there to let me express myself in which ever means. Looking at myself when WNS started and looking at myself now, my hair style isn’t the only thing that changed. I’m most certainly not the person I was then and not that I didn’t like that Reed; but this Reed is more than content with who he is right here and right now. Even though I’m jobless… And live with my parents… But I mean the rent’s free and the food’s good so it could be worse. Much worse.

To the Future: Usually when school would end and I’d go to camp for eight weeks, I knew what was coming next. Then when camp ended for me, I thought I wouldn’t know what was next; but I still had school and my friends to keep me company. Now, I’m done with camp, and I’m done with school. My friends are more spread out than the Starks of Winterfell. I’m more alone right now than I probably ever have been in my life. It sounds morbid and if you let your mind take you to that place, it’ll swallow you up. But then I think about the love and support I’ve had through WNS and beyond; and to be honest, though, not having some schedule or sequence of events that I know are coming excites me. I’m closing this book and ready to utterly destroy the spine of a fresh new one.

So the big question on a lot of your minds probably is, “Where does Reed go from here? Does he ride the Harley into the sunset never to be seen or heard from again with fortune and good faith on his shoulders? Will Westford, MA’s true hero rise again?” I got a few things I’ve been meaning to get started. I’m not entirely sure what exactly it is I want to do yet either. Something good, something bad… a bit of both? Keep on the lookout you’ll find out soon. Maybe really soon.

Thank you, everyone, for everything.



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