Music For Your Monday – A New Segment from WNS

ABOUT / DISCLAIMER: Music For Your Monday is a new segment at WNS where I (and possibly Drew) will talk about music. It could be anything from an album review/revisit, or perhaps a song or a series of songs worth talking about. Music For Your Mondays will NOT be every single Monday; but when it happens it will always be on a Monday – THAT you can believe.

Welcome to Music For Your Mondays, the new segment from the WNS team (or just me as of now). The first segment is about a little song I heard a few months ago and the fact that it is still one of the most played songs on my Spotify right now speaks volumes about it. The song is by a man I had certainly forgotten about and the ironic part of it is the original song is crap. It’s this remix that gained popularity among crowds and got this song on the radio; and that song is…

I Took A Pill In Ibiza (Seeb Remix) by Mike Posner

SIDEBAR: The music video is hilarious. Little racy but it is what it is.

I first heard this on the radio, remix and everything. I didn’t even know it was a remix, I thought this was the original song until I found it on Spotify. Anyway, I’m listening to it on the one day I decide to listen to the radio and I’m beside myself. The beat is cool and the drop makes it  a borderline banger. I didn’t even know it was Mike Posner until Romero and Pebbles told me as the song ended – to which I exclaimed out loud in my car, “POSNER?!”

After a month or so now of it popping up in my shuffle, I’ve listened to the lyrics more and more. It’s a polarizing song and establishes Posner’s self-awareness that he could very well be the definition of a has-been. He starts off immediately with the title of the song explaining that he indeed to a pill in Ibiza to prove himself to Avicii – an artist clearly more prominent than him right now. As the song goes on Posner goes into detail about his lavish lifestyle only to admit it is all a charade to look like he’s been something he clearly was not.

I’m living out in LA//I drive a sports car just to prove//I’m a real big baller cause I made a million dollars//And I spend it on girls and shoes

For all intensive purposes, Posner really puts his humanity on the line here and opens up about just where he’s been and what he’s done since the days of Cooler Than Me. The harsh reality of it all makes the song incredibly sad.

I’m just a singer who already blew his shot//I get along with old timers//Cause my name’s a reminder of a pop song people forgot

So many pop stars have been notorious for having their moment only to fade into the crowd. It could be the exposure to the lavish lifestyle and the drugs that come with it; or it could be the near infinite wealth only to have it slowly taken away as you go quietly. He bares his soul in this song and you hear it in his voice. The chorus encourages listeners not to go down the path the Posner has gone down because eventually it’s a road that leads to nowhere. Something I wouldn’t think any aspiring pop star would want to hear. It’s a moment of vulnerability that no one saw coming. It’s opened eyes and put a microscope over the spiral that can come with fortune – leaving you with only your words and a voice.

All I know are sad songs, sad songs

Or maybe Im just crazy. Give it a listen yourself above if you haven’t already. The remix gives it a catchy beat for sure. I’m sure people are probably sick of it because it’s on the radio and 98% of the time I’m listening to my own music so I don’t have to stumble upon it every five minutes.




Let us know what you think!

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