50 Facts About Reed


I recently told a friend of mine a fun fact about me and they inspired me to write down about forty-nine more just for the fun of it. Below you will find 50 random facts about myself that I am choosing to share with you tonight as I procrastinate my homework.

  1. My glasses aren’t because I can’t see. They’re because I have a cataract in my right eye so staring at something like a computer or a TV or even a whiteboard for a long time can cause me to get massive headaches. Sometimes I wear them at night when I drive and sometimes they help if I have a headache.
  2. I wear dark clothes because my crush in 7th grade told me I look good in black; and I haven’t thought twice about it since.
  3. I love Harry Potter. Like a lot.
  4. I love cheese. Not just the taste, I’m just fascinated by cheese in general.
  5. When I was young and I watched movies, I usually cycled through Batman & Robin, Austin Powers, Star Wars, and Spaceballs.
  6. Spider-Man is my favorite super hero of all time – not Batman. I don’t consider Batman a “super hero”.
  7. For years I wore a black Red Sox hat because Leo wore the same one in The Departed.
  8. The Departed is also the last time a movie I wanted to win best picture at the Oscars actually won.
  9. My nickname, Peed Reraner originally stemmed from my summer camp where people first called my brother Pared Jeraner. Then it just trickled down to me, only mine stuck with me through camp, high school, and even made it to college. In fact more people call me Peed than Reed these days.
  10. I own a pair of PF Flyers based solely on the fact that I love The Sandlot so much.
  11. I went to summer camp for fourteen years. Nine of those years were as a camper and the remaining five were on staff… responsible for children’s lives.
  12. Money is no object when it comes to my car (2009 Ford Fusion), I never skimp out when it comes to taking care of it.
  13. I named my car Mr. Fusion but more often than not I call it Air Force Peed or just Bae.
  14. There are three objects in my car that made it from my first car (2000 Buick Century).
  15. I love to read and I wish I had more time to do it.
  16. My favorite book is The Great Gatsby (and this was before the craze revolving around the Baz Luhrmann movie).
  17. When I was younger and I said the Pledge of Allegiance in class, I would say, “For Richard Stans,” instead of, “For which it stands.” I only found out I was wrong when I wanted to recite it to impress my mother and she said, “Who the Hell is Richard Stans?”
  18. Sometimes I wish I still had my Buick.
  19. I used to try to reenact lightsaber fights from Star Wars in my living room while the movie was playing – with toy lightsabers.
  20. I’ve owned seven toy lightsabers in my lifetime and three of them are still intact.
  21. When I got in trouble for talking in school, I would tell my parents I got in trouble because I was telling my classmates to stop talking so I could pay attention.
  22. My parents didn’t believe me when I told them that.
  23. I’m either incredible or terrible at first impressions.
  24. Frosted Flakes are my favorite cereal… Honey Nut Cheerios are a close second.
  25. I don’t understand people who are attached to the hip to their hometown. Go out and explore.
  26. My birth mark is on my left ring finger. 
  27. My drink of choice is a gin and tonic with two limes.
  28. When I was six or seven, I met Jason David Frank, who played Tommy – the Green/White Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger.
  29. I have a treatment in my head for a Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers movie that I’m actually very confident about.
  30. I don’t like The Hunger Games. The books are poorly written and the only good movie is the second one.
  31. I used to come up with plot lines for my action figures when I played with them. For example, I would freeze Robin in a bowl of ice and the plot would be Mr. Freeze has captured Robin and Batman has to save him. 
  32. I think Ultimate Spider-Man is one of the best iterations of the character and I met the artist who illustrated those comics. 
  33. I haven’t liked Taylor Swift the past few months. She needs to go away for a little bit.
  34. I love pop music; but I hate listening to the radio because I hear the same songs on five different stations – hence, I never get sick of songs as soon as other people do. I’m still in love with “Sorry” by Justin Bieber.
  35. I freestyle sometimes/mediocrely
  36. I was president of my middle school’s student council in 8th grade based solely on having the funnier speech.
  37. The only reason I ran was because I could skip class all day, the day of the speeches.
  38. My analog clock in my car makes me feel really classy.
  39. My favorite kind of food is seafood – and my favorite seafood is shellfish – and my favorite shellfish is shrimp.
  40. I’m very, VERY ticklish.
  41. I love video games and wish they weren’t so damn expensive (same goes for Legos).
  42. Liam Neeson action movies are my guilty pleasure.
  43. PB&Js are my favorite midnight snacks.
  44. I used to DJ a little. Not so much anymore.
  45. I hate The Walking Dead.
  46. The Crying Michael Jordan picture is my favorite recurring thing on the Internet.
  47. I thought the dress was black and blue.
  48. Music when I was growing up consisted of NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Destiny’s Child and Britney Spears.
  49. I don’t like my hair which is why I wear hats a lot. 
  50. I sing in the shower. Or I try to at least.

There you are. 50 interesting and probably useless facts about me that I’m sure have changed your night. Have a good one.



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