I finally watched Inside Out (2015)


Inside Out (2015) came out in the middle of the summer when I was, for lack of a better term, far too busy to take the time out of my schedule to see it. When it got nominated for best original screenplay this past week, I felt a lot more inclined to watch it and finally got a chance to sit down – albeit I started it at 12:00 in the morning.

The movie starts out in Pixar Animated fashion establishing our main character, Riley, an eleven-year-old girl who just moved from Minnesota to San Fransisco with her family. Riley has an emotional time ahead of her and we see inside her head, a control room if you will, manned by five emotions: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear. When things go awry for Riley, Joy is inside her head and on an adventure through the recesses of her subconscious while her other emotions attempt to keep her in check and keep each other in balance.

how-inside-out-expertly-fits-into-the-pixar-theory-like-it-s-not-even-trying-449994What makes this movie pretty brilliant is not the adventure that Joy goes on. Yes, it’s interesting enough to keep me invested and children will love it. However what makes the movie so enjoyable and creative is the metaphors and parables that happen to explain Riley’s emotional states and how she reacts to her parents and those around her. It does a lot with turning happy memories into sad memories and how someone can be in their zone and comfortable or just simply uncomfortable and out of place. Pixar just once again comes up with not only the funniest and most charming situations; but ones that also make sense in the grand scheme of the film’s overarching theme – which I won’t give away here because it’s one of the best messages that Pixar has every tried to send to its audience (both kid and adult).

The interactions with all of the emotions and how they attempt to overtake one another because of their own self righteousness is the real backbone of the film. The voice actors really bring their A-game in this one. Each emotion gets their time to shine and they all work so well together by NOT working well together, and Riley’s state of being is the result of this.

maxresdefaultAs I said, the kids will enjoy the adventure to be had by the emotions in Riley’s head; but some of the jokes in this movie are funny because of how accurate they seem – and because of this, the movie isn’t just something for kids to see but something for adults to appreciate as well. Things go on in Riley’s head and I’m sitting here thinking to myself, “Wow, this makes so much sense why didn’t I ever think of that?” If I’m saying something like this while I’m watching a movie, the only thing I can chalk that up to is damn good writing!

To be quite frank, Inside Out (2015) is one of the most relatable movies I’ve ever seen because it’s about emotions! Things literally everyone has and can identify with. Everyone has had their moments of joy and their moments of sadness. It’s in our human nature to feel these ways and Pixar justifies that with by giving us this movie.

Overall Rating: 9/10 – Amazing

One of the cleverest most heartfelt achievements for Pixar in recent memory. This movie will surely have a spot with the rest of Pixar’s top shelf attempts like Finding Nemo (2003) and Up (2009). It’s a great adventure with great emotional beats and a voice cast that brings every smile, tear, cower, scoff, or scream you’ve ever had to life. If you don’t relate to this movie you are literally emotionless.

“Take her to the moon for me.”


P.S. You’re also gonna sit there wondering how the emotions in your head work with each other after watching this movie. Mine would certainly be a messed up place. A Mad Max-esque waste land that goes to DEFCON 2 when my father calls me (and DEFCON 1 when it’s my mother).

IMAGES: http://www.3dmoviereviews.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/inside-out1.jpg, http://screenrant.com/wp-content/uploads/inside-out-poster.jpg, https://i.ytimg.com/vi/1t0A_tZGrYw/maxresdefault.jpg, http://images-cdn.moviepilot.com/images/c_fill,h_1080,w_1920/t_mp_quality/vksclcywgzudfl2fdt4p/how-inside-out-expertly-fits-into-the-pixar-theory-like-it-s-not-even-trying-449994.jpg


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