Dream large, live larger; a review of Entourage (2015)


I started watching the TV series Entourage (2004-2011) back when I was in seventh grade. I picked up the first season because my older brother had it on DVD and the rest is history. I re-watched the series this past spring to freshen up before the movie and I really enjoyed watching it after taking courses on how the Hollywood studio system works and I had a better understanding of the business behind the glamour. I’ll be the first to admit I wasn’t the hugest fan of the eighth and last season and I was curious what the movie would have in store.

Almost right from the getgo, the movie essentially erases the bad parts of the end of season eight. Vince (Adrian Grenner) isn’t married anymore, Ari (Jeremy Piven) has been named studio head and is back with his wife, Turtle (Jerry Ferrarra) is still a millionaire, Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon) is still looking for fame and doesn’t care about fortune, and Eric (Kevin Connolly) is… Well he’s Eric. The main plot of the movie is that Ari has been assigned his first film as studio head and he wants Vince to star in it; however Vince not only wants to star, he wants to direct it as well. When the budget starts going over, things start to spiral and Ari needs to keep everything together (including his temper) to keep his job.

The movie does a very good job of filling in audiences with enough exposition from past seasons (while still remaining subtle about it) so if you have not seen the series before, you don’t necessarily NEED to. However it’s still recommended that you do because it was great. The movie does feel like the TV show in the sense that characters are dealing with money, deadlines, business men, women, glamour, etc. However I’m more used to a 10+ episode story-arch and it’s interesting to me how they managed to really make the movie not seem as bloated and crammed as it would be if you tried to turn 10 episodes of Entourage into a two hour film. I can tell you as a viewer of the show that this is certainly the finale this show deserved.

635688532221940867-entourage-movie-imageAs I said it literally felt like I just watching a really long episode of Entourage. All of the actors portrayed their respective characters as if the last season ended a year ago as opposed to almost four years ago. It’s the same thing that my mother and her friends said about the Sex and the City movie that came out back in 2008. Which makes total sense because everyone says Entourage is Sex and the City for guys; and there is NOTHING wrong with that. it’s ‘lifestyle porn’ – it’s what everyone wishes their life was. Jeremy Piven is as amazing as ever as Ari Gold, and I was worried as a studio head that he wouldn’t enough screen time because he isn’t Vince’s agent anymore; but he is all over this movie in the best way possible. I thought Drama was the best character of this movie. You can’t really argue that he’s the protagonist because they all are; but he certainly has a pivotal role in this movie (which I loved because he’s arguably my favorite character).

I’m not saying that this is the movie of the summer in any way shape or form. I’m sure critics went to see this and were scoffing at the screen, saying, “This is preposterous, I can’t believe cinema has come to this!” It’s a movie that isn’t made for critics. It’s essentially fan service and nothing more. HOWEVER. I will say that the chemistry between these five friends really does make you feel like you’re watching these lifelong friends and it’s like you’re there with them to witness this. It’s a very rare trait in movies to do this – some try but few succeed.

Overall Rating (objectively): 6/10 – Good

It’s like watching five episodes of Entourage in a row, and that’s exactly what it should be. Nothing more, nothing less. I will say the cameos got to be a little too much. It seemed like every scene there was just some random celebrity who has like half a line and usually telling Ari to %&#$ himself. Like I said, you don’t need to have necessarily seen the show to watch the movie, but there are definitely going to be some polarizing opinions about it. Some people will surely say, “I didn’t get it,” and others will say, “Let’s see it again.”


IMAGES: http://freshwallpapers.net/download/6672/2560×1600/download/2015-entourage-movie-crew-poster.jpg, http://fo4mw16y1z42edr6j2m4n6vt.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/Entourage-one-sheet.jpg, http://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/2fb1461ee7a10ac5cddbde910b42fef2ff4c8955/c=0-205-4083-2512&r=x1683&c=3200×1680/local/-/media/2015/06/02/Phoenix/Phoenix/635688532221940867-entourage-movie-image.jpg


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