Spider-Man is coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

You know me, I love superheroes and whenever something big happens in regards to the movies I find an excuse to push off homework and write a blog about it. Well this is no exception since it deals with arguably my favorite superhero of all time, Spider-Man.

Last night I was in bed reading for class and suddenly I received a message of Facebook from a friend of mine. This friend shared a link with me and the link stated that Marvel Studios and Sony have come to an agreement in terms of the latter “Lending” the former for their phase 3 of movies.  Just a little backstory: Marvel Studios has become a juggernaut of success since the likes of Iron Man (2008) hit theaters followed by what is now known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). They had a plan to establish well known and loved superheroes in their own solo films and them have them team up in a crossover film that we now know as The Avengers (2012) the success of phase 1 has led to the current phase 2 and the future phase 3 (kicking off with Captain America: Civil War (2016)). One thing that Marvel has been lacking, however is the presence of arguably the most well-known and relatable character in Marvel Comics and that is Spider-Man. Spidey is owned by Sony Pictures and they have been holding on to him for dear life, even denying billion dollar offers that Marvel has thrown their way to gain the rights back to the character. Late in 2014 during the whole Sony hacking, emails were uncovered showing Marvel and Sony in talks about Spider-Man coming to the MCU but they seemed to have fallen through the cracks. Well now it seems that they have come to an agreement and it’s this:

Spider-Man will indeed be appearing in phase 3 of the MCU (All eyes point to Captain America: Civil War since his character is pivotal in that story in the comics) and will appear in a solo film produced by Kevin Feige (he runs the show over at Marvel Studios) being released on July 28th, 2017 – pushing Thor: Ragnarok (2017) back to November 3rd, 2017. While Marvel will be putting on the show, Sony will still continue to finance, distribute, own and have creative control over the Spider-Man films. Marvel and Sony will also be in talks to include other MCU characters in future Spider-Man films. Unfortunately, director Marc Webb and actor Andrew Garfield will not be returning to the franchise due to the lack of success that the Amazing Spider-Man films had (I personally thought The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) was underrated and you can see my review here). Marvel and Sony are looking to cast a younger-than-Garfield Spider-Man and if they plan on putting him in Civil War, that better happen soon because that movie comes out in a little over a year.

film-review-amazing-spiderman-marvel-is-building-up-to-civil-war-in-the-mcu-there-i-said-itBelieve me, I’m THRILLED that Spidey is coming to where he belongs, but I can’t help but have a little bit of doubt that this is all going to work out. This seems to be treading on a game plan that has already been set in motion and I feel like if they go back and change scripts and whatnot, something is going to fall through the cracks for sure. I mean unless the writers of Civil War made a backup in-case-we-get-the-rights-to-Spider-Man script, I don’t see this working out as well as it could. Even if they did have that script, does it go in sync with the rest of Marvel’s plan? Not to mention that this will be the THIRD iteration of Spidey in ten years. It just seems weird to me to do that; but at the same time you can’t all of a sudden incorporate the Amazing Spider-Man films into the MCU so easily when they all fight in New York. What, will Captain America just be like “Buddy, where were you when Loki terrorized New York a few years ago?” “Oh, you know, I just didn’t get a text about it or something.” It won’t work like that either so I guess this is the lesser of two evils.

Even if this is a bust, it won’t ruin Marvel Studios. They have created such a successful franchise that nothing can really topple them over at this point. Hell, Iron Man 3 (2013) didn’t receive great reviews and it still shattered the box office and no one seems to talk about its lackluster plot or terrible characters. If you ask me, I think this is all some sort of master plan on behalf of Disney. Disney owns Marvel and I think we’re just gonna wake up one morning and read a headline saying that they have bought Sony, so now all these heroes will be under one roof (With the exception of the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises which are owned by Fox). As always with these big announcements, only time will tell.


IMAGES: http://www.flickeringmyth.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/spider-man-civil-war-is-sam-raimi-coming-back-to-the-spider-man-franchise.jpeg, http://imageserver.moviepilot.com/film-review-amazing-spiderman-marvel-is-building-up-to-civil-war-in-the-mcu-there-i-said-it.jpeg?width=2048&height=1363


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