These are a few of my favorite things: Box Car Racer

In light of the recent events concerning the break up (once again) of Blink 182, I have recently taken the time to delve back into the past of Tom Delonge. If you’ve followed Blink throughout the years, you are most likely familiar with Angels and Airwaves, Tom’s other band. Known for their spacey, stadium-rock sound, they are quite the departure from Blink 182. HOWEVER, if you aren’t an avid Blink fan (such as myself), I bet you’ve never heard of Box Car Racer.

Box Car Racer was a side project that was formed in a break of touring with Blink 182 in 2001. Delonge formed this side project with Blink 182’s drummer Travis Barker and his friend David Kennedy (who would later go on to be involved in Angels and Airwaves). One track (“Elevator”) even features  Blink’s bassist, Mark Hoppus. This side project band allowed Delonge to explore other avenues that were usually sealed off to him because of Blink 182’s punk rock mentality. As a result, Box Car Racer still displays much of the same types of sounds and vocals that one might hear from a Blink album. At the same time however, the subject matter of many of the songs is much darker. Many of the songs are reflections upon a bleak outlook that Tom had at the time. In addition to a different subject matter for the songs, the instrumentals also sound a bit more raw. The only album for the band only took 6 weeks to record and finish.

So, if you are a Blink 182 fan, I highly suggest checking out Box Car Racer if you have some spare time. The band is essentially a more serious Blink 182 (if that’s even possible). A straight garage-punk band, the sounds are sure to warp you back in time to the late 90’s and early 2000’s when Blink was at its height. One of the best aspects is that Tom’s vocals are still Blink 182-ish and not yet the sounds that he currently displays in Angels and Airwaves.

But enough of me. I’ll let the music speak for itself. Here are two music videos that were made for the band, however I highly suggest checking out the entire album because these are only a sampling of what it has to offer.

“I Feel So”

Creative song title, I know. But it’s a great sampling of the raw music paired with Tom’s simplistic vocals.

“There is”

Again, not quite the deepest song title, but it’ll do. This song is a nice alternative to the thrashing power chords that most of the album features. It also proves that Tom can do acoustic music as well.

Just as a side note, my personal favorite from the album is “Cat Like Thief” which features Rancid’s Tim Armstrong. Sadly, there’s no video for this one.


– Drew



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