My week as Community Manager: A balancing act

Acting as the role of a community manager for IST 486 was definitely a rewarding experience. To start, I had the opportunity to learn about Storify, a tool of which I had never used (or even heard of) before. Looking back on my Storify compared to the other community managers of that class, right off the bat I can see there were a few differences in the manner that it was organized. I started mine off with more of the preliminary discussions going on before and at the beginning of class. As the Storify went on, I delved into more of what the class was discussing and pulled in some of the readings for class where they were applicable. I also got to work on a quick deadline which was preferable compared to an overly drawn out one.

Looking in comparison to the other Storifys that were posted that same day, some of the Storifys were pretty similar and others were organized completely differently. There was one Storify that didn’t seem to match any of the others too closely in content, and because of that fact, I am slightly confused as to what was going on. It seemed to be more of an analysis as to whether Twitter or Instagram was more popular, and that didn’t come up too much in anyone else’s. Overall though, pretty much everyone was on the same page and they each had their own spin on how the day’s class went and how the material as presented.

Throughout my time as a community manager for the class, I enjoyed all of the opportunities and challenges. Keeping track of class notes and facilitating a discussion on 3 different mediums all while keeping up with other class workloads and a social life is somewhat of an exhausting task. It was extremely rewarding when my fellow classmates actually reciprocated any type of discussion I tried to start on Google+ or Twitter. In contrast, learning how to use Storify and create one based off the day’s class all within a few hours was definitely a challenge. I could easily see a community manager in an enterprise situation dealing with similar types opportunities and challenges on a day-to-day basis.

Using three different platforms to engage with the community was definitely a challenge. Tweeting wasn’t too hard and it wasn’t much of a distraction as to what was actually going on in class. Google+ honestly wasn’t too bad either. It was the combination of trying to post and reply in both forms of social media while taking notes in class and communicating with my group that was a challenge. Using Storify wasn’t as much of a problem because I was able to do it at my own speed after class and figure out how to use it. The combination of Twitter, Google+ and Storify allowed for a nice coalition of strengths and weaknesses from each platform. Twitter allowed for quick thoughts, Google+ allowed for a more drawn out conversation and Storify was an excellent way to sum it all up.

Before and during class I tweeted out small bits of information here and there to get the ball rolling. Some tweets were questions while others were just interesting bits of information. Twitter definitely had the most engagement as more people used that to participate during class compared to any of the other platforms. As far as G+ was concerned, I posted a bit here and there about some interesting points and articles I found that related to class discussion. In addition I also replied to comments posted from my classmates. Finally, with Storify I looked back on what everyone had said and tried to pull the best pieces of content to make an appropriate summary of what happened that day. I played off of the strengths of each platform and acknowledged their weaknesses in order to maximize their potential.

Based off my time as a community manager, the importance of why such a role is necessary for an enterprise organization is more evident than ever. Social media is a powerful tool that can help drive organizations and promote interactions with consumers. With so much content and interaction out there, someone (or even better, a team) of people is definitely required in order to keep tabs on everything. Whether this individual is facilitating conversation or promoting branded content, someone is needed to help the organization stay on top of the social media world. New forms of social media appear everyday and someone needs to be ready to decipher how to use them best for their brand as well as continuing to maintain their current platforms. Social media is an ever-evolving tool that is immensely powerful and thus requires constant use and attention in order to stay on par.

– Drew


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