Why Apple isn’t the Innovation God We Believe it to be


I’d just like to start this off by saying I love Apple products. In fact, I’m writing this on a Mac Book Pro right now. Anyway, I’m not trying to bash Apple for what they do or make. Rather, I’m just looking at the situation objectively.


Another fall season has begun and so another Apple conference was held. As I’m sure pretty much everyone knows, this time around we saw the introduction of the new iPhone 6 and 6 plus as well as the widely anticipated Apple Watch. These announcements weren’t necessarily shockers for anyone who had been paying attention to the company over the past few months, but they are pretty darn cool. That being said, let’s take a closer look at what exactly is going on here.

Many people praise Apple for being the innovation leader in its industry. Sure, it may create great products and yes, it is one of the biggest and most successful companies in the world. No one is arguing with those facts. BUT, is it really leading the way in terms of innovation?

No, it isn’t.

I realize some of you may have immediately closed this page after reading that line. Those of you still hanging in there, I appreciate it!

Apple isn’t the greatest innovation leader in technology. Almost all of Apple’s most well-known, successful products have been done before. MP3 player? Check. Smartphone? Check. And most recently, the smartwatch? Check.

Yup, all of those have been done before. Don’t believe me? Stop being lazy and look it up.


In reality, Apple observes a product and takes notes. For example: Samsung’s smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear. Not to say this was the first smartwatch (maybe it is? I don’t know), but it was definitely one of the most successful watches in its category. Anyway, Apple then watches the competitors and simply makes their product better. Same thing for MP3 players, etc.

I will admit Apple does throw in some nice features here and there that blow the competition out of the water, but not all of their features are original. For example with the new Apple Watch, theres a wireless payment feature dubbed “Apple Pay”. This idea isn’t anything new. Ever heard of Google Wallet or any other similar service? In fact, I am actually surprised they haven’t come out with something like this sooner.

If Apple was an innovation leader in its field, I would expect to see a lot more failures. I want to see Apple try something new and bold and fail. Yes, fail.


Why do I want them to fail? Because so much can be learned from failure. If Apple brought out a brand new product that no one could have speculated about beforehand (think: Google Glass features but on steroids in a futuristic manner), it would blow people’s minds. It would also push the industry in a new direction and even if they failed in terms of sales, they would become an innovation leader. They would be going down a path that no one has gone before and would change the minds of how people think about technology.

Apple has a lot of smart people and they are capable of something like this. Unfortunately, in order to take such a gigantic leap into the unknown, some financial risks must be taken and that’s something I can’t see a profit-based company doing.

I close with the argument that while Apple is great and certainly has its loyal fans around the world, it’s capable of so much more. As one of those loyal fans, I could only wish that Apple would take that leap of faith into the unknown and truly lead us with innovation.

– Drew


Images: http://www.brightsideofnews.com/wp-content/uploads//2014/05/AppleLogo.jpg (Apple Logo)

http://s1.ibtimes.com/sites/www.ibtimes.com/files/styles/v2_article_large/public/2014/09/09/apple-watch.PNG?itok=kfd9FlON (watch)

http://www.parkesburgpoint.com/sites/default/files/1/failure_success.jpg (failure)

http://cache-blog.credit.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/shopping-mall-spying-iStockphoto.jpg (person spying)

One response to “Why Apple isn’t the Innovation God We Believe it to be

  1. Thank you. Someone needed to say this. just today I saw the latest Time magazine. The cover article “Never Offline” is about Apples new and innovative ideas and has the tagline “The Apple Watch is just the start. How wearable tech will change your life—like it or not.”

    I saw that and said to myself “just the start?” Um, how about a few years behind the pack. Where was this article 2 years ago with the Galaxy Gear? Apple fanatic are touting these great new features and gadgets as the next great thing, completely oblivious to the fact that most of them have been done before; just not by Apple.

    And I think that is what gets me. I have no problem at all with Apple products. I own or have owned a few. They are really nice. I loved my iPhone when I had one. For 3-4 years nothing Google threw at it could compete. So don’t hate me for speaking the truth. NO, I just have a problem with Apple fanatics. People who blindly follow the product line and smugly turn there nose to other great innovative products…because they aren’t Apple.

    Samsung galaxy Gear watch = stupid
    Apple iWatch = the greatest, most innovative idea to come since the iPod.
    Google Wallet (and other NFC capable smart phones/devices) = dumb
    Apple Pay = I’ll never need to carry a wallet again!

    Apple hasn’t been an innovator. If anything they have been very disappointingly lazy over the last 2-3 years. The iPhone 6 and iWatch aren’t all that innovative. They are just Apple finally catching up to with everyone else.

    you can all hate me now. But before you do, let me say that my Galaxy S3 may very likely be replaced by an iPhone 6. I’m just waiting for it to die on me, but it’s a tough bugger.

    …I’ve have 3 iPhones flat out die on me 😉 SO LONG!

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