David Fincher’s 4 new Gap commercials are beautiful.


As we get closer to the release of one of American film’s best directors, David Fincher’s, (Director of Se7en (1995), Fight Club (1999), The Social Network (2010), and more) next film Gone Girl (2014) – starring Ben Affleck – we have been given a treat with these four new ads for the clothing company I’m sure you’re familiar with – Gap. The ads are all thirty seconds each and yet they offer a strong and quick story to advertise Gap’s current campaign which is to dress “normal”.

We live in a day and age, currently, where the hip thing to do is to stand out when it comes to clothes. Whether it be a neon green shirt with big vertical letters saying, “Feed me bacon and love me,” or checkered skinny jeans that you can barely fit your wallet into. Gap has decided to go against the current and stay true to their colors and advertise clothes that aren’t as loud and are instead more reserved while still looking modern.

Fincher started his career with commercials and music videos. He actually directed Justin Timberlake’s music video to “Suit & Tie” which you can see here:

Fincher is now doubt an American auteur and his aesthetics when it comes to a resounding black and white image are apparent in this commercial. He manages to keep the feel of these ads enthusiastic as well. Definitely give these a view as I’m sure they’ll be all over TV in the coming months.


IMAGES: http://www.badreview.ro/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/david-fincher.jpg


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