Heineken is Killing it with this Spot

Another outstanding ad. Don’t worry I’ll keep this brief.

I stumbled across this video ad yesterday for Heineken Light, created by Wieden + Kennedey, and man is it awesome.

To start, I’m not the biggest fan of Neil Patrick Harris, but I love him in this spot. In the ad world, it’s a well known fact you can’t show people drinking beer in a beer commercial, (Ever notice that? No? Well, now you will) and this spot pokes fun at that fact. It’s not an actual set of laws that prohibits this, but rather an industry self-regulation.

Anyway, the ad itself is pretty clever. Definitely something that has been done before, but funny nonetheless.

Also, check out this Foster’s ad from a few decades ago that does the same thing, but is still funny in its own regard.

– Drew


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