“Closer”: Mike Stud Album Review


He’s back at it!

Mike Stud’s (@Mike_Stud) new album Closer hit the shelves on Monday and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Since last summer’s Relief, Mike and the crew has been hard at work polishing off his latest project for his upcoming summer tour.

To start, it’s easy to tell how much he’s grown since his initial offerings from just a few years back. He’s developed a singing voice to accompany his polished rap versus for most of his songs. Additionally, the production value he has gained from working with producer Louis Bell (@LouisBellMusic) is also noticeable as the album has a very well rounded sound and high production value. Mike has definitely matured as an artist over the years and this album is proof of the fact. It is important to note however, his frat rap mentality has definitely stuck with him on a few of the tracks and I don’t see this persona leaving anytime soon. This could be good or bad depending on your preferences. I don’t mind it at all.

Jumping right into the album with the title track “Closer”, a more mature and profound tone is set for the album. Though this tone does find it’s way into a good amount of the songs, his party boy hits are still present throughout. Moving onto the next notable tune, ”On & On” features a catchy sampling from some guy named Conrad (@Conrads_Music). To start, the Conrad dude kills it with the hook. One listen will have it stuck in your head all day. Mike’s verses are equally as impressive as his party boy mentality takes over.

Following up on ”On & On is “Out Here which was a single before the album officially dropped. A pretty good tune overall. I just wish the verses were longer in it.

Next up is possibly my favorite track on the album. ”Submarine starts with a beautiful sampling from a chick named Micky Blue (@MickyBlueMusic). If you’re going to listen to only one song on the album, MAKE IT THIS ONE. Micky’s chorus sounds like something that should easily be on the radio and Mike’s verses are smooth and compliment the music nicely.

Other notable tunes include ”Movie”, “Super Faded” (again, featuring Conrad), “This One’s for You”. Movie features a pretty decent chorus by Mike, showcasing his singing ability. In Super Faded, Conrad kills it once again on the album and it feels like Mike provides support with some killer verses. The rest of the tracks are pretty good as well, but these were just the ones that stood out to me through the first few listens. The only one I wasn’t really fond of was “Smile for Me”It sounded like he was just trying to replicate the song ”Past Gone from his last album Relief. It was ok, but nothing to brag about.

Overall, Mike Stud’s latest offering was FANTASTIC. It’s a great offering to his longtime fans, such as myself, as well as to any newcomers to his music. Closer really does show the culmination of his years of work and how he has progressed as an artist. Definitely head over to iTunes and pick it up. This isn’t something to be missed. Hell, if you’re reading this now his album is still probably in the top charts on iTunes (it’s currently #7 and is featured at the sliding pictures on top of the iTunes store, pretty good for someone with no official label).

Another note would be to keep an eye on the two artists who helped to pitch in on the album. I’m definitely impressed as to what they did here.

Below is my favorite song from the album, Submarine as well as the title track Closer. Give em a listen if you have time, you won’t be disappointed. Closer also has its own video to accompany it as well.



– Drew

Images: http://www.leakyourmusic.com/wp-content/uploads/Mike-Stud-Closer-cover.jpg



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