Live, die, repeat; a review of Edge of Tomorrow (2014)


I’ve personally never had a problem with Tom Cruise a day in my life. I’ve always thought he was a good actor and this movie does prove that once again. Also I would totally take Emily Blunt out for a nice seafood dinner, AND call her again.

Edge of Tomorrow (2014) is about an officer named Cage (Cruise) who is stuck in this time lapse and has to relive a fight against an alien race every single day. Each time he is killed in the battle, he wakes up and has to start all over. So like any video game, you learn more and more each time you attempt to “Play” until you die again… and again… You picking up what I’m putting down? Through this and the union that Cage builds with a war hero named Rita (Blunt), the two of them will discover what it takes to defeat this alien race that came to Earth… BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

I spent the past three months or so debating whether this movie looked good or not. On one hand, Doug Liman, the director of the Bourne Trilogy (2002-2007) directed it, and those movies are just pure adrenaline rushes. On the other hand, this plot just sounded absurd to me, and I wondered how I could watch the same day over and over again for two hours. While the movie certainly does entertain with its action sequences (The one Cage has to fight every day is a clear as day calling to the storming of Normandy Beach), I did find myself tired of seeing the same scenarios over and over again. Which, you know, could put you in that character’s shoes because he’s definitely tired of it, too; however this was not the case for me.


The CGI in this movie was very well done in this movie. The aliens were like nothing I’d ever seen in an alien on screen before and they… for lack of a better term, confused me. Just their movement and overall appearance. Which I can’t really complain about because I don’t think anyone on this planet has seen a legitimate alien before (That we know of). It’s also cool to see Cage in battle for the umpteenth time and he just knows where everything is and he’s shooting stuff without even looking; but then out of nowhere just gets hit by a car, and like in a video game he’s yelling, “Oh, come on!”

In the end, without giving any spoilers away, Edge of Tomorrow has some good action in it, if you like watching the same scene over and over again, from a different angle. Unfortunately, though, a movie involved with aliens and repeating the same day over and over to learn more and more is just asking for plot holes.

Overall rating: 6/10 – Rent it

I don’t hate the movie and I don’t necessarily regret seeing it; but there are definitely better summer blockbusters to come in the next few months. I also feel like it was trying to be like some sort of Mass Effect movie… and it just… wasn’t.




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