Songs to scream in the car: ‘The Anthem’


I was in the car yesterday obnoxiously screaming my head off to a song with one of my friends, totally encompassing the douchebaggery that is my life. Suddenly I had what alcoholics will refer to as, “A moment of clarity,” that this would be a great recurring thing on my mediocre blog. So, without further adieu, I present We’re Not Sorry’s new recurring post – ‘Songs to scream in the car.’

Most of these songs are songs that when they come on the radio, the majority of the company in the car will be familiar with the tune and say something along the lines of, “YESSSSS,” or, “OMG this is my jam,” When the song comes on. You then proceed to utterly scream the song at the top of your lungs (Window down, optional) while banging your hands on seats, the ceiling, or anyone around you. Expect your voice to be sore after singing these songs.

The first song in ‘Songs to scream in the car’ is…

“The Anthem” by Good Charlotte

I’m not a diehard fan of Good Charlotte, but I know and love this song. It’s upbeat, it’s got swears, it talks about how high school sucks and what not, and just about everyone I know knows this song. When the guitar riff starts the song out, you know exactly what’s coming next – utter rage. It’s a song that screams fun and rebellion which is what any teenager/young adult strives towards to feel cool.

But don’t let that dull and probably meaningless attempt at an analysis of this song deter you away from listening to it if for some sick, twisted reason you haven’t heard it before. “The Anthem” cannot just be sung in my opinion. I’ve found myself screaming this song when I’m all by myself in the car getting pizza for lunch or something. Yes, I look even more idiotic than I normally do, but last time I checked I really don’t care… At all.

So go ahead, give it a try. Scream this song and stay tuned for more great singles that you can lose it to in the car with or without your friends.




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