From the Vault: Northstar-Polyanna (2004)

GUESS WHO’S BACK?!? Frank is back.
GUESS WHO CARES?!? Not a soul.

Regardless, here’s another interesting thing I’ll do that will never take off. If you’ve ever gotten to the back couple pages of Rolling Stone, you’d notice the whole “From the Vault” thing they do, with top hits from back in the day. This is pretty much that, but with albums you might have never heard of. Aaaaaand, here we go.

Northstar – Polyanna (2004)

Almost exactly 10 years ago, the emo/rock band Northstar released their second studio album, Polyanna through Triple Crown Records. These guys toured with Taking Back Sunday, Say Anything, Hot Rod Circuit, and other emo superstars; and honestly, it puzzles me every day why Northstar wasn’t as popular, and it’s a damn shame they disbanded a year after this album was released. This album is an absolute masterpiece (if you like this type of music) and it’s one of my top 20 favorites for good reason. Singer/songwriter Nick Torres’ lyrics are mesmerizingly deep, and tracks like “Two Zero Two” provide a great acoustic refrain in the midst of heavier songs.
Rating: 10/10, would def bang
Favorite Song: Rocket City



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