Album Review: Happiness Is

The boys are at it again. At least, most of them are. With original members of the band coming back together, Taking Back Sunday’s latest work, Happiness Is, is a mix of old delights and new ideas.

I’ve always been a fan of their earlier works from Tell All Your Friends (2002) and Louder Now (2006), so I was pleasantly surprised when I heard the same roaring riffs, distorted progressions and edgy vocals I had come to appreciate from their older albums. You can tell that lead signer, Adam Lazzara’s vocals have definitely aged. BUT, it’s aged in a perfect manner to fit the band’s current persona. The group has done a marvelous job keeping the band’s core feeling throughout the years.


After the Preface, the album kicks off into classic Taking Back Sunday sounds with “Flicker, Fade”. After that, my favorite song off the album, “Stood a Chance” comes roaring in with a more alternative sound that seems more radio friendly than any of the other songs. Other notable songs include the haunting melody from “It Takes More” and the nostalgically sorrowful “Better Homes and Gardens”. There are maybe only one or two songs off the album I didn’t really care for, but overall Happiness Is is a solid package.

If you’ve never really listened to TBS in the past, it definitely wouldn’t hurt to check the album out. If you like any kind of alternative rock or pop-punk styles of music, you’re sure to find some tunes off the band’s latest offering that you would enjoy. Any returning fans of TBS will be pleasantly surprised with how well constructed Happiness Is is. The group shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon and it’s clear Taking Back Sunday is still on top of their game.

Here’s a sample, and my favorite from the album. And no, I don’t understand the music video either.

– Drew




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