What your lane says about you; A gaming insight


At the chance of sounding like a huge nerd, I’ve delved into some personality insights I’ve picked up on in the online game known as League of Legends, or LOL.

For those of you who don’t know what LOL is, I’ll break it down for you. It’s essentially a 5v5 objective based battle between two teams. Your team fights against the other team over the map with the objective of destroying the other team’s base. You push through a variety of defenses and opposing players and ultimately arrive to the enemy’s base and destroy it to win the game.

Here’s the basic map:


That being said, there are a variety of roles or classes that you may choose to take on for your team. Each role is usually assigned to one of the three lanes you can see in the map. (Top left, middle, bottom right). I’ve broken down what kind of personality traits I’ve noticed each role is usually associated with, and made some observations as to what kind of personality your choice may reflect.

Top Lane

The role of the top lane player encompasses independence. It’s you against your single opponent. These players tend to be fairly self sufficient and seldom require much help from his or her teammates. Any mistakes you make are usually your own and you tend to live up to them. You would be perfectly content if no one bothered you, because that just risks the chance of them messing up something. You may be primarily objective driven, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Though, at times, you may let your personal goals conflict with that of the team’s. You can take care of yourself, and you’ll do your best to help the team if you can.

Middle Lane

To put this bluntly, middle lane players can be somewhat full of themselves. They are one of your primary damage dealers, so naturally they may crave to be at the center of attention. They have the flashiest moves and often like to show off what they can do. They also tend to be extremely strategic. They have a plan on what they are going to do and when. If something doesn’t go their way, they are sure to point fingers. If they have a plan, they believe as long as his or her teammates don’t deviate from it, everything will be alright. Mid lane players are calculated and often rise to become the natural team leader as the game progresses. You’re the type of person to make judgement calls that you believe will eventually lead your team to victory, depending on whether your team listens or not.

Bottom Lane

The bottom lane usually consists of two players sharing the same space. One of these players is a primary damage dealer and relies heavily on the support player accompanying them. If you’re the damage dealer, you’ll do your best to rise up and help carry your team later on. If you’re the support player, you just want to see your partner thrive and eventually have your hard work pay off when they succeed. If there is proper harmony in the bottom lane, both players will thrive and excel throughout the game. If not, then things will quickly go awry. If you prefer to play bottom lane, you may be more comfortable in a team environment and may be overly cautious when left alone. These players may be quiet in the beginning, but as the game progresses they can quickly become cocky or overly aggressive.


The role of jungle isn’t necessarily bound to a lane. These players roam around the map providing help to any lane that may need it. These type of players are truly focused on keeping the team together. This type of person wants everyone to succeed. Since the job of this player is to provide assistance to whomever may need it, they are often blamed when the team isn’t doing well. You tend to jump from place to place and aren’t comfortable sitting around. You may prefer constant variety in your daily tasks.

All that being said, you don’t need to know too much about the game in order to get a read on someone’s personality. If they play in primarily one lane, it’s safe to say you may make some kind of assumption as to what kind of personality that person may have in a team setting.

Anyway, just some quick observations I’ve made playing the game! I hope it was somewhat entertaining even if you know nothing about the game!

– Drew


Obviously, I play middle.

And yes, I am aware of how much I sound like a complete nerd in this post. Deal with it.





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