The best part of the disappointing Super Bowl

Ok, so I think we can all agree the Super Bowl was pretty disappointing.

The game was boring to watch (unless you love the Seahawks) and the ads were pretty subpar. Besides an excuse to get together and hangout with friends, there wasn’t really much to it. Besides the fact it was the most watched event in US history, of course.

That being said, I HAD to pick a favorite ad from the selection that aired.

Sure, the Bud ad with puppy was adorable, but that doesn’t make it a good ad. It was just a cheap-shot at human emotion. Anyone can do that. Not too impressive.

Yes, the Doritos ads were entertaining, but I didn’t think it was the most interesting. To be frank, none of the ads were really too inspiring. BUT, I did pick a favorite ad out of what was shown.

The ad for Maserati was my favorite Super Bowl ad this year. The storytelling was fantastic along with the cinematography. I liked the message of going up against the big guys (even though I would hardly call Maserati small). Overall, it set itself apart from all the other ads shown. I will admit I may be in the minority here, but once you get over the gimmicks of the other ads, you can see my point.

Supposedly this model Maserati is somewhat affordable? (And I say affordable in terms of Maserati). Would it make me buy the car just from the ad? (Assuming I had the money). Probably not. Would I think about Maserati for a future luxury car purchase? Definitely.

As far as I’m concerned it was a beautiful spot for a product no one would expect to air a commercial. Feel free to disagree, but in terms of being on strategy and a beautiful execution, this ad takes the cake this year.




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