JACK IS BACK! My thoughts on the 24: Live Another Day Superbowl promos


JACK. F*****G BAUER!!!!!!!

I had LITERALLY no idea that during the not-so-Superbowl, I would be treated to not one, not two, not three, not four, BUT FIVE promos for the mini series, 24: Live Another Day coming to Fox this May.

The first three were incredibly vague. Just some fire and alarms, a melted cup and smoke, nothing to write home about.

But then… That sound like the setting is somewhere in Europe; but then at the end, you hear it. That famous *Ticking* that 24 have come to love AND hate. Quite similar to the title card, “Executive Producer Vince Gilligan” from AMC’s Breaking Bad. Below are the first three promos:

It got to the point where I was like, “Okay, now they’ll show us a full promo for Jack Bauer and give the people what they want. But no! THEY TANTALIZE US EVEN MORE WITH THIS: A one shot, closeup of the man from the neck down. Simply just cocking back his pistol. THAT’S IT.

My friends and I switched to the Puppy Bowl at one point in the game (Because it just SUCKED) and I was getting anxiety because I didn’t even wanna think about missing Jack. We did switch back to the Mediocrebowl for the fourth quarter; and then it happened. We open to an English flag, before tracking backwards to see it is on an enflamed vehicle. Chaos ensues all around London and we pan to the right. The music kicks up and we see him.


He’s helping his partner in crime, Chloe (Rocking a pretty punk rock look this time around) before getting into a shootout and screaming, like he always does in the show. We then transition to the title card: 24: Live Another Day. Queue the ticking, queue the hashtag, #JackIsBack!

I discussed with my friend about whether the trailer was effective or not, and for longtime fans of the show, I’d say it definitely was. Was it a waste of money? Possibly. Each thirty second spot for the Suckybowl this year cost an average of $4 million. 24: Live Another Day broadcasted four FIFTEEN second trailers, so that’s $2 million each, you’d have to imagine. Then the final spot is a minute long so that had to have cost $8 million. Now if my math is correct (Which knowing me it isn’t), the total cost for all five promos came out to $16 million. HOWEVER! You have to imagine since the Fox network broadcasts 24, and the Crapbowl was broadcasted by Fox, there may have been a “Discount.”

If you ask me, a big fan of the show, it was a great campaign and a fine way to welcome Jack Bauer back to the small screen. It certainly got me hype and wanting to re-watch the entire series.



Let us know what you think!

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