I Feel Like I Can Be Anything With You; A Review of “Her”

Disclaimer: I may be no movie reviewer in comparison to the likes of Reed. But you get the point.


This movie was incredible. No doubt about it.

Her tells the story of the not so distant future and where our society may be heading. But it does so in a captivating manner. Joaquin Phoenix stars in this tale as told through Spike Jonze’s eyes. The future is portrayed as a society not so different from our own, but definitely different. Advances in technology are subtly shown throughout the film and we are left guessing how many years ahead this time period is. My guess, maybe 20?

Without rambling on too much and revealing major plot details, the story is essentially this: A dorky man named Theodore works a job of writing “personalized” love letters for random people throughout the world. He seems to live quite a boring, routine life until he discovers Samantha. Samantha is a new artificially intelligent operating system (named OS1) that some company had just released for some sort of futuristic headset piece that EVERYBODY IN THE FILM seems to have. As you may have guessed from the previews, Theodore falls in love with Samantha.

This is where things get weird.


Theodore begins to develop a relationship with the operating system. He goes through various motions that someone in a real life relationship may actually go through. Again, as you may have guessed, obviously a relationship with a fake voice inside your ear is nowhere close to a real life relationship. BUT, at the same time, it was almost slightly disturbing to see actually how similar Theodore’s relationship was to the real people relationships in the film. It was interesting to see how Theodore tackled the complications of having an operating system as a girlfriend.

Phoenix was fantastic in the film. For a movie that had a ton of solitary screen time, he did a marvelous job. That being said, it is only fair to acknowledge the skill in Scarlett Johansson’s voice (the voice of Samantha) acting as well. Spike Jonze delivers a powerful piece of cinema with HerIt was easily one of my favorite films I have seen in recent months. Perhaps just behind The Wolf of Wall Street.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Definitely go check this movie out. I am not a huge fan of romantic movies, but the movie also has its fair share of dramatic and comedic moments as well. (Phoenix is hilarious as a dorky nerd living in the future).

– Drew



3 responses to “I Feel Like I Can Be Anything With You; A Review of “Her”

  1. Good review Drew. Despite the plot promising plenty of it, the movie never gets to be weird at all. It’s just very odd and unique, but always stays believable no matter where it goes.

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