More is never enough; a review of The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)


*Thud* *Thud* Hmm Hmm Hmm *Thud* Thud* Hmm Hmm Hmm…

Okay so The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) is based on the true story of stock tycoon Jordan Belfort, played by your man Leonardo DiCaprio. The movie goes through the rise of Belfort from his debut on Wall Street in NYC to his total downfall in regards to crime and law enforcement. Jonah Hill plays his number two man, Donnie Azoff, and Matthew McConaughey plays his mentor at the beginning of the film, Mark Hanna. The film is directed by none other than Martin Scorsese.

If I could use one word to describe this film, it would be gratuitous. There is just a gratuitous amount of everything in this movie. Drugs, alcohol, nudity, Leo DiCaprio, shouting, swearing, etc. That alone shows you this film is literally a roller coaster. Yes, you know deep down how this movie is going to end; but it doesn’t matter. It’s not one of those movies with plot twists and surprise endings, it doesn’t need to be.

The writing in this movie is superb. I could not rattle my head around how good the dialogue of this movie was. From conversations at meals to interrogations in rooftop suites. One of my favorite aspects of Wolf is the fact that DiCaprio’s character narrates the movie throughout and he’s talking to you like you’re RIGHT THERE. It’s nothing new, but it’s something I’ve always enjoyed seeing. He’s still in character when he’s explaining things and it doesn’t take away from the movie whatsoever.

Everyone knows DiCaprio got snubbed last year when it came to the Oscar nominations. The man should have been nominated for his role in Django Unchained (2012), hands down. Leo has been notorious for getting snubbed in years past as well, such as his role in Scorsese’s The Aviator (2004) and Blood Diamond (2006). IF LEONARDO DICAPRIO DOES NOT GET AT LEAST A NOMINATION FOR THIS MOVIE, LET ALONE A WIN, I WILL THROW MY FIST THROUGH A WALL. He was outstanding in this film. I thought he went off in Django last year, but no. THIS was his role. Some critics are saying he was too, “Over the top,” and I say, “Screw you,” to those people. HIS CHARACTER WAS OVER THE TOP! I’d be a little over the top too if my character was a drugged out stocks tycoon with a smoking hot wife and a white Ferrari. It was right, it worked.


Enough about Leo, though, we should also be talking about Jonah Hill. HE showed up in this movie. Hill was nominated for supporting actor for his role in Moneyball (2011) and this one blew it out of the water. He stayed true to his character until the credits rolled and he didn’t skip a beat once. Jonah Hill should most assuredly get a nomination for best supporting actor. At first, I was all about Jared Leto winning for his role in Dallas Buyers Club (2013) (Review here!); but now I’m thinking all about Jonah Hill. I’ll decide during crunch time when I’m making bets with my film friends.

Matthew McConaughey had a brief role in this film but albeit a good one. The only gripe I had with this film was that I wanted more McConaughey but that’s something I’m not dwelling on too much. This was definitely his year though, what with Mud (2013), Dallas Buyers Club (2013) and this. He’s proven himself to be a worthy actor and I think he has a bright future ahead of him.

Quick shoutout to Cristin Milioti for being in this movie too. If you don’t know, Milioti was recently cast as infamous mother on CBS’ final season of How I Met Your Mother. The show’s alright if you wanna check it out… That’s sarcasm I live and breathe by this show and base half my morals off it and it’s actually kind of pathetic.

The Wolf of Wall Street is indeed one of the best films of the year, and it may very well be my favorite thus far. But Oscar season is still underway and we have a lot more fish to fry. Scorsese definitely delivers in this lengthy tale about Belfort and his rise and fall. DiCaprio and Hill give powerful performances that deserve recognition and it was honestly the fastest three hours of my life. Yeah, the movie is three hours long. Four if you count the absurd number of trailers movie theaters play before the actually movie even starts beforehand.

Overall Rating: 9/10 – Phenomenal

My favorite film is still The Departed (2006) from Mr. Scorsese, but this could very well be second or third on the list, depending on where I put Taxi Driver (1976). Also, the original cut of this film was over three and a half, close to four hours long, and the studios made Scorsese cut it down for runtime and to avoid an NC-17 rating. I’ll always be curious about what was cut out from the first cut; and Scorsese is one of the directors who never releases extended cuts of his movies… Oh well.



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