Frozen (2013) Review


So two of my friends and I planned on seeing Thor: The Dark World (2013) last night at an 8:15 showing… Only to find out that one of my friends screwed up royally when it came to the showtimes and the next showtime for Thor wasn’t until 10:30. So as we stood their frantically, I said that one of my friends told me Frozen (2013) was really good… Only I forgot to mention she also loves rainbows, mermaids, sunflowers, glitter, sunshine, and Ke$ha…

Frozen tells the story of a princess named Anna (voiced by Kristen Bell) who goes on a journey with Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), his reindeer Sven, and a comedic snowman they befriend named Olaf (Josh Gad). They go on an adventure in everest-like conditions to find Anna’s sister, Elsa (Idina Menzel), whose icy powers have entrapped the kingdom they live in in an eternal winter.

The movie begins with ice pickers singing a tune and working, which resonated the opening of Les Misérables (2012) to me. Only Hugh Jackman and the ever so talented Russel Crowe (Sarcasm) weren’t included.

Right off the bat, the animation of this movie is spectacular and it holds its own in that regard for its entirety. Disney never ceases to amaze me with what they can do visually. You saw it in Wreck-It Ralph (2012) and you see it now as well. From watching Elsa freeze buildings and lakes to even the movements of Sven when hopping from iceberg to iceberg in a flurry of snow and ice. Having said that, I will have to admit, for a “Disney Princess” movie, it certainly has a lot of exciting moments.

The cinematography as a whole is splendid throughout the movie. From the variety of shots (Long shots and close ups) to even the coloring. Lots of purples and blues to compliment the snow and ice throughout the movie. It’s a very pretty movie to look at, without a doubt.

Now it wouldn’t be a Disney Princess movie without some singing. The songs are peppy and certainly enjoyable to listen to. Especially “Let It Go,” sung by Idina Menzel. She goes off in this song and you can here her passion in her voice for this role. I would not be shocked at all if this song was nominated for original song when Oscar nominations come out. I’ll attach it right below here if you wanna give it a listen.

The movie expresses the idea that you should never hide who you are and never be afraid of what people will think of you. Sound familiar? Yeah, that’s because other Disney movies have done this. Example: The Lion King (1994), “Remember who you are, Simba.” Simba runs away from Pride Rock and is under the impression that he does more harm than good, much like Elsa in this movie. Then it’s up to Nala (Anna) to find him (Elsa) and get him to remember his roots and never be ashamed of who he is. Of course there’s some nitty gritty stuff in between but you get my point

This is an enjoyable movie for its target audience which is young girls between the ages of six and fourteen… But for obvious reasons, your 19 year old rainbow loving, Ke$ha listening friend will enjoy it too. Hell, even I enjoyed it a little too much.

I have to admit, though, it didn’t connect with me on a level like Wreck-It Ralph did; and you’re probably going to argue that Ralph doesn’t connect with the girly audience I described. Well… It kinda does. Vanellope (voiced by Sarah Silverman) is that connection to the candy loving girls who saw this movie. She is innocent and fun and even has lollypops in her hair. The only character I found relatable to myself in Frozen is Olaf, because he’s goofy, like me.


There are some elements of the story I wasn’t too keen on either. I didn’t think the ending of the movie fit with the plot 100%. Also they never really explain how Elsa got her powers to freeze things… Like at all. They had a brief meeting with some trolls but nothing was mentioned about why she can do what she does.

Frozen is a visually mesmerizing movie with some great songs (Especially the one above) and a very talented voice cast. There are laughs and adventures to be had by all the characters and the animation is beautiful. I just feel like Disney dropped the ball in connecting with more than a small section of potential viewers. I highly recommend this movie if you are a fan of Tangled (2010); you’ll certainly enjoy it then.

Overall Rating: 6.5/10 – pretty good

I don’t regret seeing this movie, but I’m a little upset still that I didn’t get to see Thor: The Dark World. I just really couldn’t connect with it on any level.




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