New is always better


Barney: Ted what is my one rule?
Ted: You can tell how old a girl is by her elbows?
Barney: My other one rule.
Ted: Flax seed relieves upset stomach?
Barney: My other one rule.
Ted: Always have a fake pair of concert tickets in your pocket in case Lily invites you to something stupid?
Barney: My other one rule.
Ted: Lebanese girls sprint to third base and then stay there.
Barney: My other one rule.
Ted: New is always better?
Barney: New is always better!

As human beings, we sometimes have difficulty trying out new things in life. This could range anywhere between a new restaurant to go to or a movie you’re not sure you wanna see. Obviously there’s some nitty gritty stuff in between but what it comes down to is that we fear the unknown.

It’s the same case with why a lot of us don’t want to grow up. Growing up means going to college. Going to college means trying to figure out your future career. Figuring out your future career could lead to dreams potentially being crushed. Dreams potentially being crushed could lead to you becoming a failure in the eyes of yourself, your family, and your country. Now I sound like a DirecTV commercial, so I’ll stop. Also if you get DirecTV, you’re doing it wrong. Comcast all the way.

See, everyone is an artist;; and as artists we seem to set up these self portraits of ourselves and perceive life in the perfect form so that if this is fulfilled, we can look at ourselves in the mirror in the year 2030 and say, “I did it right.” Due to this expectation we have for ourselves, we seem to want to stay on a linear path and avoid skewing away from it as much as possible; because it’s not, “Part of the plan.”

We also stray away from the new and unknown and seem to revert back to the past. Because the past is familiar and we think the past can’t possibly hurt us like the future could. It’s why I love watching movies I’ve seen over 50 times or getting the same burger and mozzarella sticks with a peach Snapple for lunch in between classes. It’s guaranteed to be good every time and can’t do me any harm. But the past is just like the future in some instances. It can come back and haunt you. It can still cause you harm whether its an event, a person, or yourself. You can acknowledge the past and tip your hat to it, but don’t dwell on it, keep your eyes set forward. It is tempting to go back to the past, due to its familiarity, I’ve fallen victim to it many times; but it’s a mistake.

If you are ever given an opportunity for something new, something different, I highly encourage you to take it. This past Fall, I was faced with the option to pledge for my school’s Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity. I was a little hesitant at first because of my unfamiliarity with it and the fact that it would be a complete change of pace from my college life at the moment. I can tell you firsthand that nothing has made me happier this past month than being a part of this fraternity. Even when I was just a pledge, I felt like a belonged and this new part of my life became more and more familiar. New is just as capable of becoming familiar as anything you already feel comfortable with.

So if you are going to take anything away with this, take this: Don’t be afraid to try something new. Every opportunity you get at something unknown to you could be one of the best opportunities of your life. Don’t stay cooped up and isolated, not willing to acknowledge life because video games and ramen won’t harm you.  Like I said, the past and the familiar feel good, but they aren’t safe. In order to move forward with your life and yourself is to try out new things. Run around, scrape your knees, get dirty, climb trees, hop fences, GET INTO TROUBLE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Not too much, but some. Because new is and always will be better.

Now don’t wait until you NEED to try something new out, like having to apply for a job or maybe grad school. Don’t order something new on the menu just because they don’t have what you want. Do it because you WANT to.

Good luck on finals to all of you college students out there. Study hard, drink some coffee, and try to stay healthy.




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