Kanye West rocks Madison Square Garden


I will start this post by giving you a chronological play by play of my day up until the concert so if you’re not ready for this, runaway as fast as you can.

4:00 in the morning – I’m zoning thinking about this concert.

 12:45pm – My friend Lily and I meet our friend Nihal at Penn Station.

1:00pm – We arrive behind Madison Square Garden (second in line) and prepare to wait for the doors to open at 6:00.

2:15pm – We realize it’s only 2:15.

3:30pm – I go back into Penn Station and pick up a few coffees for Nihal and I, how do we take it? Lots of cream, lots of sugar.

4:30pm – The sun goes down and streetlights come on. Things start to get colder than the abnormality of cold it already was. We huddle for warmth with the friends we’ve made.

5:00pm – The VIPs get to go in as we are left in the cold. People judge us as they pass by but we don’t care what people say.

5:30pm – The door men show us mercy and finally let us in.

So we go through all the of the customs and what not, they frisk me and I giggle because I’m ticklish and then we wait for the legit doors to open so we can get our spots. See we bought General Admission tickets on the standing floor so it was first come first serve. When the doors finally opened, chaos ensued as if the bell just rang before summer break. We bolted to the front of the catwalk and believe me when I told you WE WERE UP FRONT. It was us, then the fence.

Slowly, middle America packed in and we were surrounded by Kanye West fans just aching at the chance to see him. Before the show started, before even the opening act, this Cee Lo Green looking guy tries to force his way to the front and is claiming he knows the opening group, A Tribe Called Quest. Then he starts throwing ‘bows at women and everyone around him and security dealt with him. (Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, goodbye!) Then A Tribe Called Quest came on. I had only heard like one of their songs before last night. You probably know it too, it’s this one

Then when I heard them I was on the floor. THEY WERE SICK. The lead rapper, Q-Tip, was hilarious. Moving around stage like a fool but he was having the time of his life and so was I. Then Busta Rhymes came on the stage and WENT OFF. Guy was nuts. See this was actually their last show ever, and you can tell they put their hearts into it. I like that.

Then we waited for Mr. West himself. Some girl behind us decided to pass out and throw up at the same time and so I’m thinking to myself we’ve gone through too much bull$#%@ just to mess with these drunk & hot girls.

Then the lights go down. It’s time. Yeezus season has approached. The stage lights up and there is a mountain in the back. The walkway resembles an iceberg. Backup dancers in clad nude body suits come out. They aren’t there so much to dance but to make you feel uncomfortable in a sense. Then they were followed shortly by the God himself. West is sporting a bejeweled, full face,Martin Margiela mask. It reminded me of Raiders of the Lost Ark  (1981), as in don’t look at God in the eyes or your face will literally melt off.

Kanye West went on for over two hours, playing his entire Yeezus record, and hits from all of his records. Highlights for me were “Stronger”, which had West surrounded by purple and green lasers as they hit off his studded mask and resembled the color scheme of his Graduation album. “All of  the Lights” was a spectacle in its own as the backup dancers held torches on the mountain and fire and sparks flew everywhere. All of the flashing lights for the entire show for that matter were incredible. The bass for “Blood on the Leaves” was deafening. His intro to “Runaway” was nothing short of beautiful.

Ye certainly knows how to put on a show. It was unlike anything I had ever seen. There was a point where the walkway rose way above all of us (He could probably touch the sky, he was so high up) and resembled Pride Rock from The Lion King (1994). Very suiting for the man, if you ask me. Kanye then took a break about 3/4 into the show and went on a solid fifteen minute rant about corporations, fashion and how he hates it, Lenny Kravitz and how if it weren’t for him (Kravitz), there would be no Kanye West, and most importantly, he wanted all of us in the audience to hold on to our dreams and never give them up. It was honestly one of the most inspiring things I’d ever heard. Then things got real when the mountain opened and a being came out to approach West. At first I thought it was John Ciarletta, then I realized it was none other than Jesus Christ himself. He blessed Kanye and then Kanye took off his mask and went nuts singing “Jesus Walks”.

Eventually all the fun had to end and Kanye closed his show out with “Bound 2”. He was talking to us yet again about our dreams and how thankful he is for our support. Then something happened. Nihal, my friend who came with me in case you forgot, held out his hand (He’s 6’8″ so he’s got length); and Kanye West high fived him, and him alone. I, alone, and just bragging that MY FRIEND got daps from Yeezey. Imagine how Nihal feels!

Then the lights went on, and the most artistic, most inspiring, most heart felt concert came to a close. The only thing that could have made it better is if he sang “Blame Game” and my friend Ryan (his blog here) came on stage to recite Chris Rocks monologue.

I took over 200 photos throughout the concert. Here is one of my favorites.



So to close, all I have to say is what I witnessed last night was unlike anything I’d ever seen. It was Kanye’s ode to himself, and to us, the people. West finally got a chance with this tour to express his passions, his love, his hate, and most of all, himself. Kanye could finally just be Kanye.

I may never go to another concert again.

Overall rating: 11/10



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