Class registration: Let the games begin!


Tis the season.

No, not the Holiday season. I am referring to a different time.

The time of not knowing if everything will work out. The time of constantly refreshing web browsers. The time of breaking into tears when your perfect, ideal schedule falls into oblivion. The time of complete and utter chaos. The time of: class registration.

Unless you’re of senior standing or have been taking 29374 credits a semester, you’re probably in the same boat as everyone else. You’ve built up your ideal schedule: no class on Friday and no classes that start before noon. All you have to do now is press “register”. There is nothing standing in your way. You’ve planned everything perfectly.

BUT WAIT, over a thousand other kids have registration times before you. What are the chances they have a similar schedule to yours? Surely no one else will grab that class that starts at 2:30?


Everyone is out to get you during class registration. Beware. I’ve seen even the closest of friends battle to the death for the coveted class schedule.

Ok, not really but you get the point. Class registration is a time of great stress. All you need is one class to fill up and your entire schedule needs to be reworked. If you take the time to plan back up schedules, you’ll be fine. But who has time to do that? Oh, and if a particular class you have to take during a certain semester and it fills up, then you’re really screwed. You can appeal to deans, administrators, and professors but who knows how long that will take?

No matter how well or poorly your registration goes, you’ll always have that one friend that gets the perfect schedule and won’t even end up going to half of their classes anyway. All I can say is that some are luckier than others. Obviously the higher your class standing, you’re bound to have better registration times. However, even then the classes are usually smaller and there are 15 spots available compared to the freshmen lectures that have 300 seats. Ultimately, there’s no changing the cards you’ve been dealt…

…Unless you took all of those 29374 credits I mentioned earlier. Yeah, if you did that, you’re probably fine.

Good luck to all students registering! May the odds be ever in your favor! (Yeah, Catching Fire is out soon. I had to. Get over it.)


P.S. Luckily for me, pretty much everything worked out! Also, the classes in the picture are NOT my classes. Thank God.



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