Hope is a beautiful thing


At the end of the new X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) trailer (analysis here!), there is a quote at the end that goes,

“Please. We need you to hope again.” – Charles Xavier

For some sick twisted reason this quote really hit home for me and I will explain.

People day in and day out have hopes and dreams. Things that they wish to accomplish, whether it is pertaining to a career, your schoolwork, or your love life. Sometimes things seem to be going your way. Maybe you got that internship opportunity that could open doors to a job. Maybe you got that A+ you were looking for on your Spanish paper. Or maybe the love of your life realized you exist and wants to be with you.

But what happens when it doesn’t go, “According to plan?” You didn’t get that opportunity at HBO studios. You got that Spanish paper back and it wasn’t the grade you wanted. The love of your life doesn’t share those passionate feelings that you feel. You begin to tense up and you feel the world closing in on you. Nothing seems to be working out, and you feel like life is going to repeat this for the rest of your days. Your stomach starts to churn, you think there’s nothing out there for you and you think about your life in the year 2024 and how it may have gone nowhere and it goes to your head like a splinter in your mind.

I’ve had these moments and my fair share of mental breakdowns thinking about my future and where the hell my life is going, and I find the one thing that keeps me holding on for dear life is hope.

I won’t lie to you. There is no guarantee that there is going to be a happy ending. You don’t know if your pursuit of a career will work out, if you’ll end up a success to your friends and family, or  if that girl you are so madly in love with will come around. But there is nothing wrong with hoping that these things can work out.

Now don’t think that that means it’s all gonna be better in a week, or tomorrow night. But who knows, maybe sometime down the road things will come to light. It could be after college, or when you turn 25, or after one of your best friend’s weddings at the train station in the rain.

Life is unpredictable and trying to piece out every portion of it will make you sick. However giving up on your hopes and dreams isn’t good for you either. Just look at the idea that perhaps these goals of yours are accomplishable in the long run; and in all honesty, as corny as this sounds, if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.

Hope is a beautiful thing and the future has a lot of potential to be bright so long as you keep your head on your shoulders and don’t get carried away with it. Let your future self deal with the future and keep the optimistic hope that things will be alright. Who knows, maybe life won’t turn out the way you hoped for… Maybe it will be better.



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