Discover your next favorite band: Modern Baseball


So this past weekend, my good friend James and I went looking for love in all the wrong places in a little place called the University of Massachusetts — Amherst; where this blogger lives. Upon departing for the journey from Long Island, James and I put together a ten album playlist, five albums from each of us (I picked Yeezus, MMLP2, Eminem Show, 20/20 Experience, and ten random songs).

Suddenly a song came on from James’ pick and I almost immediately fell in love. This band playing it was called Modern Baseball.

After our trip, I scurried to my laptop to look up Modern Baseball and do a little research on them as I listened to their album, Sports.

Modern Baseball was discovered in 2011 in Philadelphia, PA. They’re music is a combination of indie, emo, and punk. Their influences include, but are not limited to Say Anything, Motion City Soundtrack, Brand New, Gaslight Anthem, and Dashboard Confessional.

When I listened to them more intently, I came to realize that they are the ideal garage band. They are a bunch of teenagers crying out for acceptance with their earnest vocals and lyrics.


Modern Baseball touches on moments captured in all our memories as teenagers and early 20 year olds. Failed kiss attempts, awkward encounters, devastation and new found love, etc. It’s as if their job is to make you feel like you are not alone in these struggles and they know your pain.

The band currently has two EPs and one album out, the first EP titled The Nameless Ranger, next is Couples Therapy, and lastly their first album, Sports. I highly recommend you give these guys a listen if you are my age and looking for lyrics with angst and relatable yet sometimes humorous meanings to them. Also, some of their songs are INCREDIBLY fun to scream in the car. An example of this will be below: My current favorite, “The Weekend,” Which tells the story of an awkward teen too shy to talk to the girl he likes. Another great track is, “Re-Do,” about someone wanting to change his life and go back to a simpler time without partying or the pressures of your friends and loved ones.

Hope you enjoy, Modern Baseball can be heard on YouTube, Spotify, or even SoundCloud if you look hard enough. You can purchase their music too from here.




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