You’re not better than me because you don’t have a smart phone.


Is it worse to be cocky because you have a smart phone, or because you don’t? Seeing as I do possess an iPhone 4S, I’ll take the latter.

Before I got my iPhone, I indeed had, what I like to call, a “dumbphone“. Constantly, people would be updating their Twitters, Facebooks, Instagrams, etc. and I would be stuck with something that barely connected to the internet. Did I hate it? No. Was I a little envious? Yes. I have loved the connection I have to the world since I got my iPhone. It’s not just the tweets or likes on Instagram or constant duck faces on Snapchat. I like having email with me everywhere, especially if i’m communicating with a professor or relative of some form. Not to mention I’m always getting film news about movies and actors, etc.

What really irks me, though, are those people out there that think they are better than me and everyone else because I have a smartphone. Like they have this mentality that because I have a smartphone and they don’t, I am some spoiled kid who cannot live without some piece of technology in my hands. This could not be more off from the truth.

The truth is, I am the farthest thing from spoiled. Yes, my parents have bought me things in the past, including this iPhone. But it’s not like they bought it for me just because. They bought it for me because I earned it. I made a deal with my parents and earned the right to have my iPhone. And even then, they didn’t get me one until after I graduated high school (Because my dumbphone kicked the bucket finally). I asked my parents for an iPhone in like 2010 and they laughed in my face. Same thing happened when I asked for a Playstation 4 for Hanukkah. But that has literally nothing to do with this so I’ll move on.

I’ve come across multiple people who make it APPARENT that I am a jerk for having a smartphone. I don’t know if it’s like jealousy or if they are truly a jerk. Why does this make me such an awful person? We live in a day and age where technology really is our best friend. We are constantly connected and people expect this of others. It’s not like I rub it in my smarphoneless friends’ faces that I can tweet on the go. I just simply DO it. I don’t just Instagram pics of my food or selfies of my significant other kissing me or the stickynotes they left around my room paying me compliments (Not that I have one) for the sake of showing off my possession of a smartphone (Not that I do that stuff anyway because it is quite possibly the most simpleminded thing to do with a smartphone).

So to everyone out there that thinks that they are a better person than me and have better morals than me and the rest of us with iPhones and Androids. You’re wrong. There’s no other way to put it. We are good people who just happen to be connected to the interwebs more than you. Don’t judge us by our technology; that should not be used to determine someone’s social standing.

I understand that some people do not have the financial capability to purchase a smartphone and for that I do feel for them. However I do not think I’m better than them because I have said technology. If you have a dumbphone, you are just as awesome as someone who has a smartphone; but please don’t judge smartphone users and assume they’re pretentious and arrogant people. We’re not. We have souls.



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