When Did Undefeated Become Bad?


I recently read this Tweet from @tomecurran (Tom E. Curran, CSNNE Football Insider):

“That undefeated monkey is off our back so we can just go out and play ball,” said Saints safety Kenny Vaccaro…

Are you KIDDING me? This quote is the epitome of something that I cannot stand. The question that I am left with is quite simple, “when did being undefeated become bad?” Who decided one day that being perfect, being the best, and being undefeated was a bad thing? That is up there as the worst idea I have ever heard. Isn’t the whole goal of playing 16 regular season games to go 16-0? I thought that winning was the point of playing the game. What are we trying to lose games now? I just don’t get it. How can you possibly put a good spin on a loss by saying that the “undefeated monkey is off out back?” I could understand saying, “we lost, but we played pretty well. Just need to tighten up our 2 minute defense.” I would have been perfectly fine if he said that, because although the Saints lost, they did play pretty well until the last 2 minutes. But to say that its nice that they lost because now they don’t need to worry about being undefeated is absolute garbage.

More and more nowadays, you hear people talking about the added pressure of the “perfect season.” It has gotten to the point where the media now talks about how a loss is a good thing for the team. People in the Patriots 16-0 regular season were saying they wished the team had lost at some point so that they could understand what it is like to lose. The media blamed the Super Bowl loss to the deserving Giants on the fact that the Pats went 16-0. Are you kidding me? You are seriously going to say that the Patriots lost because they hadn’t lost before. Can people please realize how stupid that last sentence is? It does not get much more garbage and awful than that.

When it comes down to it, a loss is a loss and a loss is never a good thing. Do you think that companies say, “we ran at a loss this quarter, how great!” No, losing is not a good thing and should never be taken as a good thing. If you are trying to lose and you meet your goal, then great, losing was fabulous. But who tries to lose? The answer is pretty much no one. So can people finally try to be honest with themselves and realize if you fail at meeting your goal, then it wasn’t good. Positives can be taken from a loss, but losing as a whole is NOT GOOD.

Anyway, as you’ll become used to, my broader perspective on the topic…

People need to stop making excuses for their failures. We live in a day and age where people always try to shine a positive light on not meeting a goal. I’m all for positivity, but when you have a goal, and you don’t attain it, don’t make it seem like a good thing. The whole purpose of a goal is to live up to it and to be disappointed, or at least indifferent, when you fail at it. But, it should NEVER be seen as a positive, so just stop it now.

I’m not sure when the transition occurred from honesty with oneself to this whole positive spin garbage, but its not healthy for us. If we continue to take failures as positives, where does the line get drawn. What are we actually disappointed with? Everything will be seen as good and nothing will be bad. How does that work? How can everything possibly be so great in a world where so much bad happens? Well simply, not everything can be good and people need to come to grips with that fact. Sometimes someone else is better than you, and people nowadays cannot comprehend that idea. I’m not saying that a loss or failure at one’s goal needs to be devastating, I just think that equating failure with positivity and success is wrong and people are worse off because of it. We as a public need to take more responsibility for ourselves and look at our actions in an honest fashion, instead of sugar coating every failure, because what happens when we eat too much sugar?




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