I suck at sports and I don’t care who knows.


It’s a good thing my father had two sons and one of them was decent at sports because I think if we both were un-athletic he’d consider his parenthood a complete waste.

If you know me, you know that I’m not the most athletic person in the world. In fact, that’s an overstatement. I’m a terrible athlete. I can’t catch anything on this green earth and anytime I score a basket, or a goal, or a run, it’s considered the greatest day of my life. As a matter of fact, I’m known as the terrible athlete of the group. Even though I’m Jewish and Jews are considered, “The chosen people,” I was always chosen last when it came to drafting teams in pick up games (© NH, 2013). Back in the day, they used to tell me the only reason I’m batting last in the lineup is because they wanted to, “Save the best for last…” If any game went into overtime, I was sat INSTANTANEOUSLY in the high hopes that by doing so we would win.

The only thing I ever got decent at was hitting a baseball/softball and running really fast. At my summer camp, Camp Bauercrest, where you played in regards to other athletes was done by a letter. The top athletes would play A, and then the decent ones played B, and so on and so forth. Softball is the only time I EVER played B, and it was my VERY LAST year as a camper. The rest of the sports I played like F. The other thing I was good at was running. I was a student athlete in high school and ran two seasons of track per year. I even ended up being a captain by some act of God. When I first started track, I tried out hurdling, but my coordination quickly shot down any hope of me doing well in that field. It was my coach who told me I have this untapped potential with my raw speed and BOOM, the rest is history.

But this post isn’t titled, “I’m only good at hitting a ball and track.” I used to get incredibly discouraged when I didn’t do well in a game or didn’t perform to the standards of my athletic friends (I mean come on, Will plays baseball for Bentley!). I had a temper and would throw my glove or my hat or storm off the court if I screwed up. Probably the most immature thing I’ve ever done. However as I “mateur”, my perception “matuers” as well. Yeah, it sucks I won’t be the unsung hero like my all-star blonde friend who was captain of my high school basketball team. Or I’ll never be known as this athletic legend at my summer camp. But you know what, whatever. If anything I provided a lot of entertainment for friends and parents who watched me attempt to catch a fly ball or shoot a three, or make a tackle. So for that, you’re welcome.


IMAGE: http://sportsblog.projo.com/scalabrine0227.jpg


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