The Monday Blues


Once again, the weekend has come and gone, taking our energy and excitement and replacing it with dread and spite. The only remnants of the weekend are your killer headache, that spill on your new shirt, and that one photo you still can’t explain.

Most people will reach for a cup of coffee (or nine) to make it through the day. Well, here to make your day a little more enjoyable are some fresh new tunes I’ve been harvesting all weekend. Just a note, all of these songs are VERY different. You might like all of them, just a few of them, or maybe none of them. Regardless, try a couple of them on for size and hopefully you’ll leave here with a few new songs.

First up is a beautiful acoustic (even though it’s piano?) rendition that Krewella did of their own song Enjoy The Ride. Check out their entire Get Wet EP if you already haven’t.

Next, we have a remix. Yinyues lays some stunning melodies behind 50 cent’s 21 Questions. Personally I’m a huge fan of this. Yinyues brings new life back to an amazing song.

So I went to a show over the weekend, and this guy I had never heard of was one of the openers. To put it bluntly, Yonas killed it. Watch out for when he comes back to town. I know I’ll be there.

This next one is something interesting. I’d highly recommend you listen to this when you have 4 minutes to do absolutely nothing else. Let the song consume you for a bit. Also, a bangin’ sub wouldn’t hurt either. Be sure to check out more of Ta-Ku.

Keep it fresh,

– Brad


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