Banksy: Better Out Than In


Banksy. Is. Back.

Ever since his involvement in the 2010 documentary Exit Through The Gift ShopBanksy has been keeping a low profile. The documentary captured audiences everywhere and revealed the true nature of graffiti and street art (I highly recommend watching the film if you haven’t. It’s available on Netflix). Now that time has passed, Banksy has been planning a return. And he chose no better place than New York City.

Titling his project “Better Out Than In”, Banksy claims to “host an entire show (of street art) on the streets of New York”. Every day of the month he’ll be uploading a new piece of work to the site he created, BanksyNY. Check out the site, and take a peek at it every day to see what the mastermind himself is up to on the streets of New York.

So I know this isn’t music, but in the same way the lyrics or melody of a song can invoke certain emotions and thoughts in someone, art (in this case graffiti) can do the same. Banksy is well known for his politically and socially scandalous art, which is both thought provoking and visually captivating. I for one have always been a fan of his work. He tends to go where no one else would dare to go with art. And for that, I respect him, and admire his work.

– Brad



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