Your therapist has a lot to answer for; A review of Grand Theft Auto V


I know, I know, I know, the game came out like 2 weeks ago and IGN and other YouTube prodigies reviewed this  game already. I told myself I wasn’t going to review this game until I finished the story… However I rued the day I beat the story because… Well, the story would be finished.

Grand Theft Auto V hits the ground running with an opening bank heist for a mission. The blood is gratuitous and the GTA lingo is not forgotten (Lots of swearing). The layout for the game when it comes to controls is relatively the same since Grand Theft Auto IV, with a few changes to cycling through your weapons.

The story in this game is nothing short of amazing. It really is a massive middle finger to America. The story touches on class issues, racial issues, and serves as a massive satire towards pop culture. What’s also great about the story is that it’s ACTUALLY laugh out loud comedy, some of the things these people do and how they react to certain situations. Even the missions are amazing. Back in GTA IV,  it was just, “Drive here or chase this person then shoot him.” Now there are heists that are pre-planned, the chases are more absurd, going off jumps and watching as everything explodes around you. What really supported the story, I think, was the first time use of three main characters.

Michael, Franklin, and Trevor are the three protagonists of Grand Theft Auto V. Michael is struggling with adapting to a normal life with his family after living a life of crime. His wife is cheating, his son is ungrateful, and his daughter is… a harlot. Meanwhile Franklin is involved in the “Thug Life,” and when he meets up with Michael he sort of sees him as a surrogate father, and Michael sees him as a surrogate son. Some real Walter White/Jesse Pinkman stuff. And then there’s Trevor. Trevor is, for lack of a better term, a psychopath. He was involved with Michael in the past during their crime days and now he has come back to, “Rekindle,” their friendship.

Visually, the game is GORGEOUS. There is so much detailing in the buildings and cars. The mountains and country side of the game are beautiful in both color and texture. Speaking of that, the map is massive. Like it may actually be TOO big. Whenever I need to go from the city to the mountain area, I groan at the length of the drive. But I guess a map that is too big is better than a map that is too small.

At first, I thought the game looked a little too vibrant and, “videogamey.” But I came to realize I was just comparing it to Grand Theft Auto IV too much. GTA IV  has a more gritty and dark look to it with grays and browns, which makes sense because it takes place in Liberty City, a very metropolitan New York based city. Whereas San Andreas is California where the sun is shining and there are a lot of bright colors and greens and yellows.

There is SO MUCH to do in this game beyond the story. There are parachuting challenges. There are triathlons, boat races, and car races. You can customize cars. You can take a submarine and check out the underwater world, or scuba dive and find some hidden items. You can hijack a private jet (Or go big and break into the military base and take the fighter jet). You can invest in stocks, buy property and real estate. And when you’re bored, looking for entertainment or recreation, hit up the movie theater, a restaurant, go play tennis or golf, do some yoga, or just go to the strip club.

When all else fails, you can make your own adventure. I once rode a car off a mountain left it in midair, parachuted to the ground, then shot a man because he looked at me the wrong way. The cops came and I blew up about 6 or 7 police cars and a helicopter, and then eventually the swat team rolled in and pumped me full of bullets. Why did I do this? Because I could!


This goes without saying, but this game is indeed not meant to be played by younger kids. I’ve been playing Grand Theft Auto since the third one came out for Playstation 2. The games up the ante in violence and content each time they release a new one, and this one is by far the most crude.

Grand Theft Auto V is an amazing experience and indeed lived up to the hype building around it. The story is sound and easy to follow, the missions are intense, the visuals are astounding and there is still so much room for activities. It is actually a perfect game.

Overall Rating: 10/10

I really don’t see myself buying a new game in a significantly long time because I will be so preoccupied with this one… After my homework is done of course (KEEP WORKING HARD AT SCHOOL, it’s more fun to play when you know your homework is done)



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