Discover your next favorite rap artist: Hoodie Allen


So technically, Reed is the person who introduced me to Hoodie Allen but I am going to go ahead and steal his thunder anyway.

Meet Hoodie Allen. An up and coming white rapper from New York City. I first learned of Hoodie a while back when I was hanging out with Reed. I put on a Mike Stud (WHOM I SAW LIVE ON MONDAY NIGHT!) song naturally, and Reed quickly offered up Hoodie Allen after it was over. I listened to the song Reed played by him and didn’t think much of it. He was good, but at the time I was too preoccupied to really listen to it. Recently, however I have found myself listening to him more and more.

Anyway, if you like witty rap with clever punch lines, give Hoodie a shot. He’s actually going on tour right now (opening for Mike Stud one night)! He’s no Macklemore, but he could be well on his way to becoming one! Another up and coming lyricist to keep your eyes on!

Enough of my words, just listen yourself. Here is one of my favorites. (explicit language)

P.S. I actually did see Mike Stud in concert on Monday night and it was glorious. Dude killed it. Intimate with the crowd and even took requests! Would see him again any day.

See Mike’s post here.



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