You get what you put into it. Work hard and stand out.


I am extremely proud of my school. I love Syracuse University and I am extremely grateful to be enrolled in the Newhouse School of Communications.

That being said, lets take a realistic look at things.

For the month that I’ve been here, I constantly hear from everyone that the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications is the BEST communications school in the country. I’ve heard it from professors, the admissions office, professionals in the field, as well as from students throughout the campus. When I tell people I’m in Newhouse, they do a double take and look at me in disbelief. Sure, its well known, but is it really the BEST?

The other day one of my professors brought up this point. Who is actually claiming that our school is the best? We came to the conclusion that it was primarily the admissions office. We’ve been bombarded with this message since we first toured here. I can probably speak for most people by saying we instantly believed them. Why wouldn’t we? They even showed us a hallway within the building that was entirely devoted to our famous alumni and it showed off all of their famous achievements.

But as my professor pointed out, lets look at this claim a little closer. Of course admissions will tell you it’s the best, they just want you to apply and enroll! They want you to believe this message so you’ll end up paying them in some form or another! They want you to be proud of the school. They truly do want it to be the best out there.

Out of all the searches I’ve conducted about communication schools, Syracuse does pop up on the list almost every time. Is it at the top every time? No. In fact, almost every single list I saw had a completely different school at the top. So why is this idea that we are the best in everyone’s minds?

The answer to that question, is because of strong communications. Nobody just makes up this thought in their heads. Someone, or something, put that thought there. That someone or something was most likely the Newhouse School itself. The fact that so many people have heard this message and believe it, is a testament to the strength of the school and the professionals who work in it. If they are so proficient in spreading this message and having it understood, maybe their claims are legitimate. Maybe it really is the best.

But with so many differing opinions out there, who is to say what is the worst and what is the best school? What gives the authority of one website over another to prove their claims?

Honestly, your education is what you make of it. Sure, some schools do have advantages to others. Talented faculty, strong career centers, and the most advanced technology will go a long way in your education. Syracuse is a great place, there’s no doubting that. But, you will get out of it what you put into it. You could be in the best school and put minimum effort in your efforts there, the school’s reputation and name won’t make your success.

It is not just your schooling that makes you great and successful, it’s what you do to earn that success and make yourself stand out.



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