For REAL, bro?

Cell Urinals

Some people.

Some people just don’t get it.

I was in the men’s restroom yesterday and I made my way to the urinal. Walking in immediately behind me is another kid. He makes his way to the adjacent urinal. As he stands there going on with his business, he digs into his pocket. I instantly begin to wonder what he could possibly need in his pocket during the 30 seconds he’s standing at the urinal.

Then, I almost let out a burst of laughter.

He was digging into his pocket to get his iPhone out and in doing so, proceeds to fumble with it and drop it into the urinal. I was amazed.

Seriously dude? You need you can’t go the 30 seconds at the urinal without your phone? Even worse, you can’t even hold onto it as you get it out of your pocket? What are you doing. Get your act together. If whatever you needed it for was that important, maybe you shouldn’t have dropped it into the urinal. Its pretty much accepted that people our age use their phones anywhere and everywhere, but THIS is taking it too far in my opinion. If you must do it, at least do it right and hold onto the damn thing or slap a waterproof case on it.

Anyway, I didn’t stick around to see what he did after that. I burst out of the restroom laughing to myself. He probably even heard me but was too busy trying to figure out what his next genius move would be. He probably cost himself a solid $200. Who’s going to want to use that thing again?

Our generation is so obsessed with technology and I love it. We’re always connected and always communicating. Its a great thing, but some people just take it too far. They just don’t know when to stop. Some people are just clueless and as a result, they become clowns (or just plain rude in certain instances) in the process.



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