Our new design rationale

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 7.38.48 PM

No doubt if you’re reading this, you can tell we’ve changed!

WNS has had a dramatic change in appearance in order to keep up with our rapidly growing site! In this post, I’ll give a quick walkthrough to some of the big changes we’ve introduced and why we made those decisions.

1. A Brand New Theme

While our older theme was fine for the time being, we knew it wouldn’t be permanent. It was fine as we slowly started up and gradually added more and more posts. After a while however, things became too confusing. The new stories were easy to find, but the older ones were quickly lost and hidden throughout the site as time went on. This new theme helps to remedy that problem a bit by having the large slider screen at the top of the page that highlights our most recent posts. As you scroll down, you’ll be able to some older stories and of course if you check out the archives, you’ll be able to find our oldest stories.

The new theme also helps to modernize and clean up our look. Before, the site was a bit simple and looked like some random generic blog that probably posts about crap you don’t care about. Now, the site is clean and simple but engaging at the same time. The menus are still present for navigation and the color scheme is complementary and not as intrusive. The sidebars also blend in nicely and make the site feel more whole than with the previous theme.

My only complaint with the theme is the fact I don’t really have much of an option for the typeface of the site, so Helvetica (I know, how cliche) will have to do.

2. New Logo

Our logo has changed from time to time depending on our previous themes. The new logo compliments our new theme with the simplicity and cleanliness. The simple WNS with the line through it conveys our title, We’re Not Sorry. The line through the N representing the “not” part.

I have long had the concept of our new logo in mind, but without the appropriate theme it would have looked out of place. Now, the WNS fits right in and brings the site together as a whole.

3. More Changes to Come?

Since I have many other obligations in life at the moment, I have not got around to making all the changes I would like. Who knows, in the future maybe more features will be added or maybe even a new writer or two will join the WNS team.

Until then, be sure to check back regularly for new posts! (oh, and you should probably start “following” us too if you haven’t done so by now!)

Also, apparently we are starting to get ads on the site now? Have we hit the big leagues yet?


Let us know what you think!

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