My walk back from class…

Last night, on the walk back from my lab section (that meets from 6:30 to 9:30), I was approached by an interesting fellow. As I was quickly trying to make my way to the bus stop, I was stopped by a young gentleman dressed in some type of sweater-vest contraption (don’t talk fashion to me, thats what this is for). He looked friendly enough, so when he asked me if I had a second, I stopped. This is how the conversation went:

Stranger: Hey there! Do you have a minute? I was wondering if I could ask you a quick question for a project.

Me: (Yeah, I can help a kid with his project) Yeah sure! Whats up?

Stranger: Do you believe in the “Mother of God”?

Me: Uhh… what?

Stranger: The Mother of God! (or something along those lines)

Me: Umm.. no?

Stranger: Well, if you look in the Bible at the book of Revelations and open to page 8, you’ll find that is information about the apocalypse and how we will be able to save ourselves. Do you believe in almighty God?

Me: (I see where this is going, time to have some fun) Actually, let me let you in on a little secret. Humans started here on Earth as a result of Ancient Astronauts who came to Earth to start an experiment which they will later… (interrupted)

Stranger: I dont think you understand the question. Let me rephrase it…

Me: No no! I understand. If you read texts from Girogio Tsoukalos, you’ll be sure to see the reasoning and logic!


At this point, the stranger realized he wasn’t going to win this battle. He quickly sighed and started to move onto his next target. Now, I am not trying to belittle religion here, but this guy was a riot. I respected his choice of choosing to follow Christianity, but his persuasion tactics weren’t very successful here.

Something about the fact he was trying to do his “project” in the middle of the night around the academic buildings (where NO ONE is because classes were over for the day, except mine of course), is a little fishy. Also, the fact he wasn’t writing anything down or recording my reaction was a bit strange. The guy looked to be about the age of a college kid but I have my suspicions.

Regardless, whatever this recruiter or missionary doing, he wasn’t expecting my response. From the look on his face it was clear he realized he was being trolled. The poor guy had no idea what hit him. He probably thought I am some crazy alien freak who may have actually been crazier than himself (maybe I am). Whatever he was doing, I wish him the best of luck with his endeavors.

Happy Friday!!




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