My adventure at Supercuts


I looked at myself in the mirror last night in total disgust. Last time I got a hair cut was the beginning of August. Since my hair grows back relatively quickly, it is safe to say it was fairly long at this point. Not like Peter Frampton long but longer than I like; and I have to be careful not to let it grow out TOO much, otherwise it will start to grow OUT and become this awkward curly Jew-fro.

So I get out of Spanish class this morning and call my friend to see if he wants to get a bite to eat. This snowballed into my other friend tagging along and the two of us getting hair cuts at the Supercuts down the street. After waiting for about 40 minutes BECAUSE ONLY TWO PEOPLE WERE WORKING we were up. My friend got his first then me. Also, we got Moes while we were waiting… What, you think we’re just gonna sit around and do squat? Come on!

Now if you know me, you know I like to talk a little bit. Immediately after I was seated, I introduced myself and the hairdresser introduced herself as Morgan. I told Morgan I talked a lot and she said she talks a lot as well, so you could say we became best friends right then and there, no big deal. Morgan then asked me what kind of look I’m going for today… This is when the story gets legen- wait ’till the end of this blog for it…

I told Morgan flat out that there was a huge party tomorrow night that we were going to and I needed a sick hair cut to show off. This conversation went in SO MANY different directions after that; thanks to not only me, but my two friends who came over and sat with me to join in on the fun. Morgan was an absolute riot and gave me a bunch of pointers about girls, school, and people in general. Granted she’s only a year older than me. We talked about my mom and how much of a legend she is, We touched up on some crushes a few of us have (Herself included), she gave me a new product to help me with my hair (If you had ANY idea how much I care about my hair, it’d make your head spin), and she even gave us a few… Party tips. Sorry, gotta keep this blog PG-13 incase any youngsters are reading this.

I gave Morgan a hefty tip and thanked her for the laughs that I had today. I guess what you can take away from this conversation is don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with someone. It can be your hairdresser, your dentist, the lunch lady, or even the Starbucks cashier. You never know what someone has to say and you could even learn a thing or two. Also it makes for a great story to tell your friends in the future.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Make sure to party RESPONSIBLY and if you need some tips check out mine and Drew’s friend Annie’s Blog, she has a lot of great insight on health and safety.




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