Why do girls require such large scale propositions?


So I’m lying in bed at like 2:00 last night pondering just where the heck my life is going, per usual. I then start to reminisce about the high school days and what not. How I was a total legend and what not, yada yada yada. I then remembered something that always grinded my gears in high school and it seems to continue to this day.

Why do girls require us men to make such a big deal about every single proposition we present? I’m pretty sure when my dad asked my loving and caring mom out on a date, he didn’t bring bells and whistles make it look like a song sequence in Glee. He was a total boss about it and asked her for her number and if she wanted to get a bite to eat sometime. And you know how my sweet mother responded? SHE SAID YES AND THEN THEY GOT MARRIED AND HAD A HALF DECENT KID… And me.

I was full on shocked that my last girlfriend didn’t talk smack about me behind my back because I just casually asked for her number and didn’t leave a cake or something on her desk in trigonometry. I’ve also seen this happen recently with a couple. Apparently the girl required that her man ask her out in a “creative” way… I’m sorry what? I didn’t know this was an 80s movie with John Cusack coming out with a boom box… GET OVER IT, YOU SHOULD BE LUCKY IF HE ASKS YOU OUT IN GENERAL.

Just to snowball all this, let’s also touch up on the fact that us men can’t even ask a girl to our senior prom without doing something epic. I saw one of my friends slave over putting sticky notes on his potential date’s car, ALL OF WHICH SAID PROM ON THEM. What if she said no? That kid may have just stayed at home on prom night out of pure shame. Some guys even put money into this! And they blow through a ton of it! My best friend played it smart and spent only like $6 on asking his date (And he involved your’s truly… No big deal).

When I asked my date to prom, not only was I scared beyond all belief because, oh, I don’t know, HER FATHER IS THE CHIEF OF POLICE IN MY TOWN, but I spent SO much money so as to impress her AND him (Not to mention I called him personally to ask for his permission to take his daughter to prom). I don’t wanna tell you how much cash I dropped; but my point is why couldn’t I just ask her out to dinner and present her the option of spending prom night with me? It’s as if it’s a competition for the girls for who gets asked out in the best way, and they make fun of the guy who did it in the worst way. I think my way was just fine, I incorporated Hello Kitty and my date is coo coo for cats… Like half the girls I hang out with.

So ladies, I’m not saying you guys are out of line, I’m just saying that if a guy asks you out on a date, or to prom, or for your hand in marriage in a casual manner, it’s not out of disrespect. It’s because we A) respect you and don’t think we need to bedazzle you with things to impress you; and B) we would like to keep the money in our wallets. It shouldn’t be about the show, it should be about the heart.

I hope everyone’s school year is starting out great and I hope all the guys who bought Grand Theft Auto V are still going to classes.



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