Action Scene Sunday 1


I’m starting a new tradition: It’s called Action Scene Sunday. I’m gonna post my favorite action scenes once a week from various films and television shows. I’ll give a little insight as to why I’m a fan of that particular scene and then provide you with an embedded YouTube video of said action scene. This will obviously happen every Sunday for as long as I want.

I can think of like four people right now that are going to bash me for this and say this is lame. So why do it? Because it’s my blog (And Drew’s) and this is America. A free country where I can have the freedom of speech and do what I want with it. God. Bless. America.

So the first action scene I will be posting is from one of my top 50 favorite films (I’ll blog that list in the coming weeks whenever I feel like it… or never, I don’t know). The scene is the famous lobby shootout from The Matrix (1999). It’s a sick mix of slow motion and quick cuts. The sound editing is fantastic, the soundtrack is awesome, and the cinematography is great. It’s the first time in the film you see the protagonist, Neo, really coming to terms with his destiny and believing in himself. It also proves the point that EVERYTHING is cooler when it’s done in sunglasses.

WARNING: This scene is a little violent. There’s a little bloodshed but nothing I couldn’t handle when I was in 4th grade and saw this movie for the first time.




Let us know what you think!

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