iPhone 5s and 5c: First impressions

Another September rolls through and so does another announcement from Apple. With that announcement comes the infinite amount of blog posts, social media posts, and news stories about Apple’s new products. With that being acknowledged, here’s my input with the new products:

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 4.26.42 PM

1. It was all pretty predictable

There have always been rumors and “leaks” leading up to the announcement of an Apple conference. Some have turned out to be pretty accurate (especially with the 5s and 5c) and some have turned out to be flat out wrong. Regardless of the past, most of the rumors I saw before the September 10 conference seemed to be pretty spot on.

The rumors I heard before the official announcements included:

Two versions of an iPhone coming out? Check. One cheaper than the other and more colorful? Check. One having a finger print sensor? Check. Camera improvements? Check. Better processors, etc? Check. You get the point.

My one big complaint was that there were no HUGE surprises that truly shocked me. Sure, the improvements are all welcomed, but there wasn’t any WOW factor for me like I got when they introduced Siri. I suppose this was to be expected with the iPhone 5s though. Looking back from the 4 to the 4s, it is clearly not the same caliber of change that we got with the 4s to the 5.

2. The iPhone 5c is pretty much the iPhone 5, just with color.

The iPhone 5c? What of it? Its not revolutionary, its nothing really new, and the colors wont matter. Ultimately, the iPhone 5c is essentially the iPhone 5. Same insides, just with a colorful, plastic backing which won’t even matter in the long-run. I don’t care if your iPhone has a plastic back that may not shatter when you drop it, no one in their RIGHT MIND would have an iPhone without a case on it (unless of course, its already broken and you don’t care about it anymore). The color will be covered up by whatever colored case you put on it. I don’t understand why Apple is pushing the color thing so much. That is one of your biggest selling points (besides the fact it is cheaper of course)?

Come on…

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 4.02.32 PM

3. Finger print sensor. Wave of the future?

It is tough to tell how much of an impact the finger print sensor will have. Apple has been known to be a trendsetter, but is that reputation dying? Will the sensor prove useful and will other companies follow suit? Who knows. Only time can tell at this point, but it is an interesting concept.

Right now, it seems like the sensor will be primarily used for security (unlocking the screen and making purchases from the app-store). Will third party apps be able to use it? If so, what will they be able to do with it? Also, if third parties are able to utilize it, what kind of privacy concerns will this raise and how will they deal with it? This opens an unlimited number of opportunities for Apple. My only hope is that they actually capitalize on it and do great things.

4. IOS-7 is a much needed and welcomed upgrade.

Lets face it, the i-devices all need a new software update. I’m not talking about the introduction of Siri or the introduction of Game Center (does anyone even use that anyways?). No, I am talking about a whole new re-imagined product. Some say that they are just blatantly copying Android operating systems, which could be a bad thing. In my opinion, if they are trying to emulate Android, its a GREAT thing.

Android has been seeming like the wave of the future and where everyone is heading, so why not follow the leader and improve upon it? It is also a great way to make the iPhone feel new again for past users. To be honest, I am more excited for IOS-7 than I am for the new phone models.

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 4.19.30 PM

Overall, I can’t say I am disappointed with Apple’s newest offerings but I am waiting to see what they will do next. Was it all innovative? Kind of. These new models seem like a stepping stone for something greater in the future rather than the “next big thing”.

After everything has been said and done, I am excited to announce that I will be getting one of these new phone models. It is time to ditch my trusty blast-from-the-past phone and move into the future. I will be sure to write a follow up once I have some hands-on time with the phone in a few weeks.



I think the gold “champagne” color choice is an AWFUL option.

Images courtesy of: http://www.apple.com and http://www.dvdbeaver.com/film2/dvdreviews45/the%20princess%20bride%20blu-ray/large/large%20princess%20bride%20blu-ray6.jpg


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