Simply sampling the local cuisine (part 1)

As most of you know I have now been at Syracuse University a little over a week. Through meeting all the new people, getting adjusted to new classes, and finding my way around campus, I have actually found a surprising amount of time to try out new places to eat! As a result, I present you all with a post (probably the first of many) about my thoughts on some of the local hot spots to grab a bite! The spots are rated on their food quality as well as the service accompanied with the food.

Without further adieu I present the first spot on my review…

1. Funk ‘n Waffles


One of the first places I sampled when I arrived to SU. I first came here for breakfast with my parents right before they were about to make the five hour trek back home. Nestled right behind Marshall St in an underground setting, we found ourselves standing in a funky dining room decorated with strange paintings and records on the walls. We found a menu and grabbed a seat. Once we had decided what we wanted, we made our way up to the register to place the order. After what was maybe 25 minutes, we had our food.

It was delicious. I had a sort of bacon, egg and cheese sandwich on a waffle. Another notable favorite was the traditional waffle with strawberries and whip cream. The food was great and the ambiance was interesting as well. The place does give off a slight hipster ambiance, but its a welcome difference compared to many other run-of-the-mill spots. Overall, its a great spot if you love waffles and have some time to spare.

DISCLAIMER: I have been back since that visit and was somewhat upset with how long it took to get the food (an hour). The place gives off such a “chill” vibe and perhaps as a result, the employees take their time doing everything. Both times I went, they had ONE person manning the waffle station. They also seemed to complete the orders in a random fashion. It wasn’t until I went up and bugged them a bit that they actually completed our order.

Food: 8.5/10

Service: 5/10

2. Insomnia Cookies


Cookies. Who doesn’t like them? They’re easy to come by, make a great snack, and taste great. They’re are tons of varieties and you can go buy a pack of like 30 of them for like 3 or 4 bucks down at your local grocery store. But a chocolate chip cookie for $1.35? That better be a damn good cookie.

Well, it turns out Insomnia Cookies does produce a damn good cookie, thats probably worth the $1.35. After getting the late night munchies one night, I decided to order from Insomnia Cookies. I went onto their website and quickly picked out a variety of cookies to be delivered. Everything was seamless and easy, all I had to do was wait. And wait. And wait…

After an hour of waiting I called up the company and politely asked when I should be expecting my cookies. The store is only like a 5 minute drive from my dorm, how long could it take? Apparently they only had one delivery driver on staff for the night so things would be a bit longer than expected. The lady on the phone gave me a coupon code to get three FREE cookies online for my next order to compensate for the delay. Once the cookies arrived they were still slightly warm but delicious nonetheless. My bill was only about 7 bucks plus tip, and I had a meal of cookies.

A few days later I ordered again (using the free code) and to my dismay delivery took about an hour again. Once they arrived, they also forgot to bring the milk I had ordered as well (because whats a cookie without a glass of cold milk?). It is important to note that the driver did go back and get the milk. As before the cookies were delicious and well worth the price. The celerity of delivery however, still left something to be desired. Perhaps next time I’ll actually stop being lazy and just go straight into the store myself.

Food: 9/10

Customer Service: 6/10

More to come later.



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