Apple really DOES care: My story of customer satisfaction


So I’ve been doing some back to school shopping lately because I procrastinated it the week before (Thank you, video games, movies, and social life). My dad pulled out an LCD monitor that my mom used to use but doesn’t anymore for some reason. Since I have a MacBook Pro, that means I need to get a VGA adapter for it… In other news, water is wet.

I headed to the obvious place to get the adapter, the Apple Store at the mall I go to. When I walked into the store, an employee who I saw was talking to another co-worker and literally told her to hold that thought as she approached me not even five seconds after I set foot in the store. Now usually if they ask if I need help finding something I say no; but today I decided to say yes just so I could get out of there ASAP. I told her exactly what I needed and she knew exactly what I was talking about and where to find it.

She then asked me what my name is and I told her it was Reed… Because it is. She then introduced herself as Nicole and asked me what I was connecting to and I told her my MacBook Pro. I wondered why she would ask a question like that, I thought it was obvious what I was connecting to. HOWEVER, she told me there are actually VGA adapters made for iPhones and iPads and what not, and she wanted to make sure I was getting the right one. SHE CARES ABOUT MY PURCHASE AND WANTED TO MAKE SURE I DIDN’T MADE A MISTAKE.

Nicole even told me that if I download the Apple Store Application, I could actually just pay for everything without even approaching an employee and I could purchase the adapter with my credit/debit card connected to my iTunes account. To which I said, “But then I wouldn’t get to talk to you.” Yeah, I was getting flirty with the Apple Store girl, she was cute, c’mon!

Nicole then rang me up right there on the spot, we didn’t even need to move to a register. Why you ask? BECAUSE THEY HAVE CASH REGISTERS UNDER ALL THE TABLES IN THE STORE. Seriously, it was something straight out of James Bond.

So to summarize, I walked into an Apple Store, was approached immediately for assistance, and then I paid without any difficulty. Did I mention Nicole did everything with a smile on her face and I could tell she loved her job and enjoyed assisting me? THAT is what really got me, her positive attitude. I cannot tell you how many times I have had to deal with someone at a store that just looks like they want to drop dead because they don’t want to be there. Apple really did pick up a great employee and because of that, I will most assuredly be returning to this store in the high hope that either she will be there again, or someone else in the store has the same attitude as her.



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