A road trip comedy that’s actually pretty funny; a review of We’re the Millers (2013)


The summer is a time for huge hollywood blockbusters with explosions and what not; but it’s also a time for raunchy R-rated comedies. I’m usually skeptical about seeing these movies in theaters because a comedy is really a make or break situation. You either laugh a lot and consider your money well spent, or you don’t laugh and  consider it wasted.

Going to see We’re the Millers (2013) was really a spur of the moment thing my friend Annie (Her blog here) and I did. I will say right off the bat that I did consider my money well spent. Partly because at the cinema I went to, the clerk told us we could use our student IDs to pay $8.75 for a ticket rather than the annual $11.50 fee… Which is disgusting.

The movie is about a drug dealer (Jason Sudeikis) who is hired to go across the border to Mexico to pick up nearly two tons of marijuana and bring it back state side. However to make life easier when crossing the border back to the US of A, he brings along with him a stripper (Jennifer Anniston), an eighteen year old virgin who lives in his apartment building (Will Poulter), and a runaway teenage girl (Emma Roberts) to give off the impression that they are a vacationing family, calling themselves the Millers. Hence the title of the film.


If anyone knows Sudeikis, you know that he is a riot. Everything that comes out of his mouth in this movie had me laughing. It’s this sarcastic tone that he has that really does it for me. Jennifer Anniston also has some great lines in this movie. Not to mention the fact that she is a stripper so obviously she is… For lack of a better term, wicked hot. It’s really hard to believe that woman is 44 years old and has still got it. I wasn’t very interested in Poulter and Roberts so much. Not to say that they didn’t do well, it’s just that when they share the screen with Sudeikis and Anniston, obviously their not gonna meet their standards.

You cannot go into this movie thinking it’s going to break any new ground in the comedy world. It’s a simple get from A to B story and like any of those stories, it’s not so easy to get to B. Having said that, the situations the “family” gets into are notably funny. There’s a plethora of jokes about sex, drugs, and just about everything in between that makes an R-rated comedy worth going to.

Overall rating: 7/10

Not the greatest of stories, but lots of laughs due to its cast. It’s worth seeing at some point in your life but I wouldn’t jump on it like it’s the greatest movie of the summer. Its purpose was to make its audience laugh, and I’d say it did that just fine. Go see it with a friend or two and have yourselves a good laugh, you earned it.



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