Target just got ROBBED (not really though)


Last night, I went out on a trip to Target to grab a new video game. Tomb Raider to be exact. Well, it turns out I wouldn’t end up spending more than ONE dollar for the game currently valued at $50.00. How did I accomplish this marvelous task you may ask? Well, with a little tip off from my friend Bobby, we were able to accomplish this magnificent heist.

Currently, as of right now (8/17/13), Best Buy is having a sale on Tomb Raider, that brings the price of the game down to $19.99. Well, apparently Target has some program in which one can “price match” any given item to another store and they will match the price if their price is higher.

So, once I was transferred up to customer service and they matched Best Buy’s price, I set the next piece of my plan into action. Target is offering some random card for a pre-sale of some Disney video game product or something for $1. Regardless of whatever the card was for, there was a promotion offering $20 off of Tomb Raider if you were to purchase the card with it. Naturally, since I already had the price of the game down to $19.99, I threw the card in with it and got the additional $20.00 off.

There you have it. A $50 game for $1.00. You literally cannot beat that deal. Now, for those of you who don’t know, I haven’t had a working Xbox 360 the entire summer. I am not even physically able to play the game I just bought, but I bought it anyway. One day, once I have a new Xbox, I’ll be able to play it. Until that day, the game will most likely end up sitting in my room.

So, if you read this post and have time to make it out to a Target today, take advantage of their mistake! The promotion with the card only lasts until today and will be over tomorrow, so get at it! Besides getting the game for $1, you could probably easily make a decent profit off the deal as well. Putting the game on Ebay or returning it to Target without a receipt for store credit are all great options to rack up some quick cash or some decent in-store credit.

Anyway, keep an eye out for deals like this in the future! If Target doesn’t catch on (which they probably should because they lost about $100 worth of product for $2 last night *hint* *hint*), there may be more loopholes like this in the future!


UPDATE (as of 2:14 pm 8/17/13)

Apparently Target is refusing to comply with the offer any more. Reed tried to purchase the game in the same manner I did and he was refused. Mind you, there was nothing wrong or illegal with what he was trying to do. The deal runs till today as advertised and it seems like Target is going against its advertisements.

That’s some pretty bad customer service on Target’s part. What an embarrassment. I mean, if you’re going to make that offer and you made a mistake, STAND BY IT. Surely a company as big as Target can afford to sell the rest of the 4 copies of the game it has and can learn from its mistake and move on? Instead, they go against what they advertised and are left looking like a complete fool. Embarrassing.

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