Legends of the summer: JT and Jay Z


This post will probably make Reed extremely jealous, but he’ll have to deal with that.

If you asked me at any point in my life (up until last Tuesday) if I was going to see either Jay Z or Justin Timberlake in concert, I would’ve quickly laughed and replied with a “no”. If you had asked me that same question after Tuesday, I would’ve replied with a “HELL YEAH!”

Last Tuesday around 4 PM, I received a phone call from my girlfriend informing me that she had won two tickets to see Justin Timberlake and Jay Z at Fenway Park.

I couldn’t believe it.

She had been constantly telling me to keep entering some radio show’s contest to win the tickets for like three weeks. Naturally, I entered once and then stopped because I accepted the fact that there was no way we would ever beat thousands of people for two measly tickets.

I was wrong.

The Legends of Summer concert was easily one of the best shows I have ever experienced. The venue (Fenway) was awesome, the music was awesome, and Jay Z and JT were amazing performers. All that being said, I am not even a huge fan of either artist. Sure, I knew some of Jay Z’s big songs and sure, I had liked a bunch of songs off of JT’s new album, but I’m not a super fan or anything. I would never have paid the ticket price of like $150 or whatever it was to see them.


They duo played a few songs together, most noticeably opening with Holy Grail, and then took turns playing their own respective songs. Both artists played oldies as well as newer songs and almost all of them were a hit. I was surprised how well each artist performed throughout the show. They both did an exceptional job. I would definitely see each artist again, assuming that it wouldn’t cost me a small fortune.

Heres a small clip I found on Youtube of Mirrors (one of the biggest hits of the night, obviously):

My personal favorite was the opener, Holy Grail. They both nailed their respective parts and it was an excellent way to open the show. The one thing that did surprise me was that there were no openers, but I’m not complaining! More stage time for the duo was fine by me!

Legends of the Summer. One of the best nights of my summer and easily one of the best shows I have ever seen!



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