Elysium (2013) Review


I’m a sucker for two different things that show up in movies. The first is a setting in a dystopian future (ex: The Matrix (1999), V for Vendetta (2005), Children of Men (2006)). The second is auteurism.

Dystopian future, if you don’t know, basically means the film is set in the future and the future is terrible. Whether it’s due to nuclear fallout or politics.

Auteurism is basically how cinephiles say, “I like this director’s movies and I know what kind of movie I’m gonna get if I see this director’s movie.” Quentin Tarantino is my favorite director, if I find out he’s coming out with a new film, I don’t care if it tanks in the box office. I’m gonna see it and probably love it.

The film takes place in the year 2154 where the rich and wealthy live on this place called Elysium that orbits the earth while the poor live on this desolate looking Earth.  Matt Damon is given the opportunity to bring balance and equality to the polarized worlds.

At first I wasn’t all too head over heals for this movie. However, When I found out Elysium (2013) was from the same director as District 9 (2009), Neill Blomkamp, my head quickly turned.

I loved District 9 and the message it sent to viewers. Just as I suspected, I loved Elysium as well. The film isn’t just some Hollywood blockbuster with constant explosions and swearing to make Matt Damon look like a BAMF (Google Dane Cook for that word’s meaning). The movie boasts this idea of equality regardless of your upbringing and that everyone can be equal.

Matt Damon did exceptionally well in this movie. I’ve always liked him and he proved to me why I like him with Elysium and the emotion he brought to his character. Jodi Foster was a little suspect, but I’ll let it slide. The absolute show stealer had to be Sharlto Copley. The guy WENT OFF in this role. It was the complete opposite role that he played in District 9.

Matt Damon

Elysium has a great story with strong characters, both protagonists and antagonists. It captures viewers’ attention with its visual effects and even gets them to think a little bit about the story’s meaning (at least I did).

Overall rating: 8.5/10

I highly recommend this movie to anyone who was a fan of District 9 or likes futuristic/dystopian movies. If you see it and I know you, let me know your thoughts because I do know some people who didn’t like this movie. It’s just good to see different opinions on things.



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